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3 Possible Reasons Why Your Parking Lot Is Riddled With Puddles

Puddles appearing in the middle of your parking lot are not a good sign. They give the impression that your commercial property is ill-maintained and old, which can take a toll on your property value.

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Have you wondered about the reason why these puddles suddenly appeared on a well-paved surface? That is because your asphalt surface is facing some issues.

Below are three possible reasons why your driveway is riddled with puddles.

Poor Drainage

Nevada City, California, receives around 58 inches of rain per year, which is over the US average of 38 inches. There are almost 86.2 rainy days in the city and 6.8 days of snowfall, which means special attention needs to be given to drainage when paving an asphalt surface.

Before the sub-base installation, pavers should ensure that a proper drainage system is in place. They need to correct the grade, slope and drains, and if possible, use porous asphalt material so rainwater quickly drains off the asphalt surface instead of causing damage.

Ruts and Compaction

Avoid leaving heavy equipment in the parking lot for long. Make sure a heavy-weight vehicle isn’t parked in the same spot every day or isn’t left there for days. These practices will lead to compaction of that area, leading to depressions or ruts forming on the surface.

When it rains or the parking lot is washed, water is collected in these ruts, forming puddles. If these puddles are not dried out, they will develop into more damage like cracks and potholes.

Grade Depressions

Uneven or poor compaction during the asphalt paving process can also cause depressions and puddles to form on the surface.

The sub-base needs to be adequately compacted to create a smooth and even foundation for the surface. An asphalt parking lot with a well-compacted sub-base forms a stronger and smoother surface that is generally less prone to rutting and grade depressions.

These are sometimes due to poor or uneven compaction during the paving process. The sub-base or foundation underneath the existing asphalt needs to be evenly and smoothly compacted before the asphalt is installed. A well-compacted sub-base leads to a smoother, more robust asphalt surface that is less prone to grade depressions and rutting in the future.

This issue needs to be corrected from the sub-base or foundation of the surface because even if you somehow fix the depressions on the surface by adding more material or applying a patch, puddles and pits will keep sprouting up in your parking lot in the future unless you get proper repaving done.

Since a lousy paving job is the primary cause behind the emergence of puddles, make sure you hire the right firm for all your commercial paving projects.

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