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3 Warning Signs For Pothole Development

According to research, potholes cost American taxpayers an average of $6.5 billion per year. From flat tires to cracked rims, potholes can wreak havoc on vehicles and cause losses to property owners. Although you cannot control the state of roads outside your property, you can take measures to ensure your own property’s wellbeing.

Asphalt paving companies like Action Asphalt in Stockton, CA, who are experts at patching asphalt, can help you repair potholes and perform other asphalt repair and maintenance services.

If you want to keep your property safe from the scourge of potholes, know how to identify potholes’ formation by learning the following signs.

Excess Rain

Excess rain is never good for asphalt driveways and pavements. During the rainy season, water seeps down to the foundation of the pavement, which results in erosion of the foundation. The varying temperatures below and over the surface cause the ground to expand and further push the pavement till it cracks.

So, remember to check for cracks as soon as the rain is over. You can also be more proactive and sealcoat your pavement before the rainy season to prevent the rain from causing damage to the pavement.

Widening Cracks

Widening cracks are another tell-tale sign of pothole development. Pavement cracks are something that you need to repair as soon as possible. Delaying repair of cracks will increase the risk of extensive damage to the pavement.

Moisture, dirt, debris, and contaminants infiltrate these cracks and find their way to the pavement’s base. Their entry initiates the deterioration process as the pavement’s base is exposed to external elements, thus widening the cracks and worsening the condition.

Crack filling and sealcoating are the best methods to repair and prevent cracks. Sweeping the pavement, and ensuring that it is clean and tidy at all times, helps prevent crack formation from the outset. Following the prescribed regular maintenance measures will help you avoid the pothole problem before it raises its ugly head.

Heavy Traffic Load

Many commercial parking lots face the brunt of heavy traffic. Heavy vehicular traffic, particularly big commercial vehicles, plays a significant role in pothole formation.

Now, this is something you don’t have much control over. You can’t turn away potential clients and customers or stop business as usual because you fear a possible pothole formation. A better strategy is to be vigilant when installing the pavement and to look for durable and long-lasting options. Also, inform your contractor of your parking lot needs before installing the pavement, especially if you’re expecting heavy traffic.

One of the most commonly used and effective methods of pothole repair is called semi-permanent pothole repair. The water and debris are removed from the pothole; then cuts are made along the side of the pothole. These cuts go down to the bottom of the pavement. Finally, asphalt patch mix is poured into the hole, and then it is compacted with a roller.

Action Asphalt in Stockton, CA, provides pothole repair service and various other maintenance and repair services for asphalt surfaces.

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