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5 Considerations For Developing The Perfect Pre-Winter Asphalt Care Plan!

With winters blooming across northern California, the holiday spirit is in full swing. While your autumn & winter plans may include many social events, you should not forget the state of the venue’s asphalt pavement or lots when your guests & visitors arrive. It would be a sore sight if your asphalt driveway blatantly exhibited the pavement failure under the event lighting.

The cold weather, combined with moisture and temperature cycles, can wreak havoc on your asphalt every season if you avoid scheduling asphalt maintenance & repairs. Winter & spring are the most crucial seasons to protect your asphalt, ensure its survival through winters, and deploy repairs.

Action Asphalt has a simple solution for your neglected asphalt problem: gear up with a pre-winter asphalt maintenance plan! 

1. Have Asphalt Damage Addressed Pre-Winter

Under the care of competent asphalt repair professionals like us, any potholes and raveling should be addressed considering the paving temperature. The longer you wait to repair it, the more damage spreads and the more costly the repairs will be. Once the climate drops below 50F, you will have to do with cold patches on your asphalt, with more expenses come spring.

2. All Asphalt Seals are Crucial

It’s a given that any asphalt treatment in the winter is ineffective, so if you have cracks in your pavement in California’s central valley area and don’t want them to get worse, you should begin now. Even when the weather is nice, you’ll need to start in the early morning so that the sealant can have the day’s warmth to dry out. Crack fillers & seal coats provide your asphalt with a protective sheath against the effects of temperature cycles & moisture. 

3. Check Storm Drains & Pavement Curbs

Typically, one would talk about snow & deicing agents, but Stockton barely receives any, except for rain and hail, hence the need for a functional drainage system. Storm drains should be checked for blockages by organic or synthetic debris, and pavement curbs should not allow surface run-off to permeate into the edges of the pavement. If a mild flurry occurs, use deicing agents sparingly as the salt draining into the San Joaquin wouldn’t be the most environmentally friendly thing.

4. Keep The Asphalt Clean of Debris

Dirty asphalt is not only unaesthetic, but it promotes a chain reaction of erosion from abrasive debris and vehicle stresses. Additionally, any wet muck on your pavement can contribute to water intrusion & the launch of the freeze-thaw cycle that is guaranteed to gouge out holes in your asphalt by spring.

5. Bring In Your Local & Trusted Asphalt Contractors!

If you feel you have neglected your asphalt far too long across the preceding winters and it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese, it may be best to leave the job to our able hands. Asphalt maintenance is easy if done regularly, but with the temperatures cutting it close to paving season in Stockton, leaving your crack filling & seal coating needs to the professionals may as well protect your asphalt through the winters.

Once your pavement has made it through the winters, you can finally get on with a fully-fledged spring asphalt repairs plan to fix the ADA streetscape, signage, & lot striping.

Do reach out to us for free quotes on services. Action Asphalt Paving & Maintenance has been around for the last two decades, so believe us when we say our services & successful projects have stood the test of time in Stockton, CA!