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5 Reasons Why Parking Lot Restriping Is Important

The benefits of parking lot striping are numerous. It can be an easy and inexpensive way to make your business location look professional. It also helps make it easier for customers who have difficulty seeing or navigating around cars in a large parking space! This article highlights some reasons asphalt line striping is important.

While there’s no shortage of reasons why every company should consider investing in this, let us name one reason: A restriped parking lot will minimize the chances for accidents!

Action Asphalt, serving Sacramento, CA, will now explain why you should restripe your parking lot.

A Safe Environment for Employees and Visitors

Parking lot restriping is a great way to ensure that pedestrians can easily identify pathways. They also won’t get caught off guard when they need quick access. The design will also create an environment where employees are safer, with clear parking spaces for their vehicles. This means no more being surrounded by roadways filled with cars waiting at red lights or driving too dangerously close to one another.

Improved Flow of Traffic

By creating a safe environment for pedestrians, traffic flow can be improved. For example, suppose some arrows indicate the entrances and exits and directional signage. In that case, it will make movement easy and clear. In addition to clearly marked fire lanes, drivers will know what they need to do when it comes time to actually make their turns or cross over another roadway.

Complying with ADA Regulations

If you have a parking lot, the right ADA compliance laws can be vital for your company. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an important law that regulates how buildings are designed and built, including the parking areas. Hence, they accommodate people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices to get around. If these regulations aren’t followed, any visitor could file suit against you because of injuries sustained during their visit.

Maximized Parking Space

The best way to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and safety for your visitors is by carefully planning the line striping on each side. You can maximize parking spaces while still fitting in as many vehicles, which means that when people come, they will know where to park and what spot is available.

Increased Curb Appeal

It’s not just good for drivers and pedestrians, but paint also provides an appealing look. Black asphalt with bright colors is easier on the eyes than dull blacktop that can be difficult to see when cars are driving by or people walking around. Plus, you’ll have more curb appeal since viewers will notice how clean everything looks!

Understanding these reasons for parking lot line striping can give you a leg up when comparing bids. Action Asphalt in Sacramento has years of experience in paving and line striping. We will be able to provide you professional advice throughout your project, whether small or large scale.

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