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5 Ways To Tell You Are dealing With An Asphalt Paving Scammer

The asphalt paving scammers usually work with low-cost materials or substandard equipment. They are known to offer unrealistic promises about how quickly they can get the job done. They often promise to pave your driveway for less than $1,000.

The scammers may use low-quality asphalt raised by 15 to 50 percent with dirt or gravel to stretch the amount of material they’re buying. The mixture is then spread over your existing surface and leveled out before it dries.

 You need to be careful when searching for paving contractors for your property in Roseville, CA; you never know what type of company you may find. Let Action Asphalt teach you five ways to tell if you are dealing with an asphalt paving scammer.

The Old Leftover Asphalt Claim

Paving contractors are great at estimating how much material they will need for a job. But the nature and urgency to have hot asphalt down as quickly as possible make the whole act by scammers seem convincing. Be wary of these leftover asphalt people. Asphalt manufacturing is expensive; no contractor will ever have any leftovers. All asphalt is made with strict calculations to leave none after a job. When asphalt goes cold, it becomes useless, so only the required amount is made. 

Shut the door on these people. 

All Talk No Contract Makes For a Perfect Scammer

Get everything in writing! The absence of an agreed-upon contract before any work begins is a warning sign you must not ignore. Contracts outline expectations for the contractor – the company – and the client. Without one, there are many things left up in the air. You must settle these things beforehand.

You will have something to hold the contractor accountable with a written document. Make sure you get everything written down and signed. 

Driving ‘Round Town with Vehicles Unmarked

Take a peek at their license plate. If theirs is an unmarked truck, or if they have out-of-state phone numbers and license plates, this should be your cue to bid them farewell. These are travelers on the move looking to scam you. 

No Credit Cards – Or Checks

Scammers will never take credit cards and checks. Why? Because they cannot charge cashback with straight cash. They want to run soon after you have paid them. A direct payment is what they need to do this. There are no loose strings, and an escape is easy. Requesting to pay with a card or check is an excellent way to fish them out. 

If they refuse, you know what to do. 

They Refuse to Share Their Work History

A reputable paving company will happily share its past work with you to prove they are honest professionals. Scam artists, however, have no history whatsoever and will refuse to provide you with past work or testimonials. You should immediately report such paving companies to the local authorities to save others. 

Being conned into paying a scammer is possibly one of the worst things that could happen to a homeowner. Steer clear of these con artists and protect others, too. If you are looking for a reliable asphalt company in RosevilleCAAction Asphalt is what you are looking for. Get a free quote.