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A Simple Guide To Construction Grading And Excavation

Construction grading and excavation are essential parts of the land preparation phase which is in turn necessary for construction to begin. This blog post will provide you with more information on excavation and land grading so that you can better prepare for your next project.

First off, what are construction grading and excavation? You might have heard these terms before or have a slight idea of what they are, but to give you more clarity, we will explain them to you.

What Is Excavating?

Excavating is the process of digging and removing debris from a job site to prepare it for construction. Contractors will dig according to the specifications of their job site, such as preparing for footings or trenches.

Excavation may also include the removal of debris such as stumps and boulders to prepare the area for construction. Heavy machinery like excavators is used to dig holes and create dirt piles. The debris is then hauled away in dump trucks.

Also, while planning your new construction project, it can be helpful to understand the different grades of excavation. The grade is typically defined as how deep into the ground an excavator needs to dig and what type of material they will find below that depth. For example, if your plans include digging 15 feet down for bedrock, you need a grade 5 or 6 excavation job (depending on the utilities in this area).

What Is Grading?

Grading involves moving soil around an area until there are no rises nor dips left – this ensures that when buildings are constructed on top, they’ll have more stability than if uneven surfaces existed before their foundation was laid down.

Also, grading is a necessary part of landscaping. It provides property owners with aesthetically pleasing results and prevents flooding by correcting the slope of the land, so water drains away from the structure, reducing the risk of soil erosion.

How are Excavating and Grading Different?

The key difference between the two land preparation processes is where they lie in the construction phases.

Excavation is typically done in the early stages of the construction process to prepare the site for the construction of foundations, utilities, sidewalks, swimming pools, and more. Heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, or blades is used.

On the other hand, grading is mainly done in the later stages, so the ground is ready for planting and landscaping. However, in some cases, like in paving projects, grading needs to be done early on. In grading, heavy machinery like bobcats, blades, or tractors with landscape rakes is used.

Who to Hire For Your Project?

Although excavation and grading are complex processes involving a lot more work, you do not have to hire separate contractors for them. A professional land clearing and site preparation company will be able to provide you with both services, with the guarantee of ace results.

Grading and excavation can significantly impact the aesthetics, longevity, and durability of your project. Thus, you should hire a reputable excavation and grading contractor who possesses the skills, experience, and correct equipment, including a fleet of heavy machinery, to deliver superior and timely results, regardless of the size of your project.

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