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A Step-By-Step Guide For Building A Concrete Driveway

Concrete is a 2,000-year-old construction material that is still considered a reliable pavement partner. Given concrete’s rich history, there’s little one can say against its significance and the value it offers.

The durable and sturdy nature of concrete surfaces makes them an ideal choice for driveways. The wide variety of textures, patterns, and colors available with concrete surfaces elevates concrete to a landscaping design element’s status. Its diverse functionality and dynamic design make it an option that must be considered for any driveway. From the traditional look to the contemporary decorative appearance, concrete offers it all, provided you install it correctly.

Although we’re strictly against DIY concrete installation, you should have basic information regarding the installation process. A step-by-step concrete installation guide will not only teach you the science behind concrete driveways, but it’ll also prepare you for what you can expect when you get one installed for your property.


The installation begins with the most important part of the process: planning. Focusing on each aspect of installation and removing possible roadblocks now will ensure a smooth construction process in the future.

One of the first things that you need to consider is your driveway’s size and thickness. Ideally, you should work on a minimum 10-12’ lane and a thickness of five inches if you’re expecting to park heavy vehicles on the driveway.

Removing all structures and vegetation and deciding which trees and plants to keep is also part of the installation process.

Cost Estimate

Once you’re done with the planning phase, it is time for you to locate or relocate any underground utilities that might come in the way of the development process. Taking care of them before you start laying down the concrete always helps. Also, work up a rough total cost estimate, including all base material for drainage, reinforcement supplies, and labor and machinery costs.

Add a Base

Now that you’re done clearing the site, it is time to begin compacting the surface and adding a concrete base. Remember to discharge ready mixed concrete as quickly as possible; this is the time when you hand over the project to the professionals and trust them and their services. The team will reinforce the concrete to prevent cracking using forms and rebar.


Once the team is done with poring and jointing, it is time to give the final touches to the surface. Broom the surface to increase its smoothness and traction; also, remember to cut all expansion joints every 8 feet. Remove all forms after 48 hours when the temperature reaches 65-75 F during the day, giving you malleability to deal with all problem areas.

As you can see, concrete driveway installation is not easy. Rather than going about installing it yourself, you should trust a professional concrete installation service. Action Asphalt should be your first choice as we offer premier concrete driveway installation services in Stockton at a budget-friendly rates. Click here to get a free quote on our services and to connect with our professionals.