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All You Need To Know About Flawless Tennis Court Maintenance

A good quality tennis game requires a flawless playing surface. A cracked or uneven surface can compromise the players’ safety and the integrity of the game. A few different things can happen when the surface is not leveled correctly. The ball might bounce in an unpredictable way, which could cause the players to lose their balance. Additionally, an uneven surface can cause players to trip and fall. This is especially dangerous if the surface is wet, which may lead to severe injuries.

Based on their vast paving experience, the experts at Action Asphalt, serving Stockton, CA, share some crucial tips for keeping a flawless tennis court surface.

Early Inspections Save a Lot of Grief

Given the constant use of tennis courts, you need to do a daily inspection unless your court is used only on occasion. Look for cracks, peeling surfaces, water damage, etc. When there are structural issues, it is better to have the court redone and repaired completely. The earlier you catch the problems, the quicker you can control the damage.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your court can save you a considerable amount of money. Water infiltration is one of the primary reasons for the deterioration of the court surface. Check your drainage system and ensure that it is working correctly. Water also makes the surface slippery and hazardous.

Clean Courts Win Hearts

This should not come as a surprise to you that dirty courts deteriorate and wear out prematurely. So, promptly remove any weeds and other trash from the court. What works best, in our opinion, is the use of a mild detergent. Wash the surface with clean water and detergent.

Don’t Use High-Pressure Washers.

Some people use high-pressure power washers. If not used correctly and safely – they can damage the surface beyond minor repair.

Hiring an Experienced Paving Company is Your Best Bet

Hiring an experienced company is your best bet for installing different surfaces, including tennis courts. They will have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your court is installed correctly and meets all safety standards.

When choosing a company to install your tennis court, be sure to ask for references and look at previous work. The references will give you a good idea of the company’s quality of work and whether they are suitable for your project.

Prices Should Not Govern Your Choices

The quality of the court impacts every aspect of the game – from aesthetics to performance; everything relies on it. While the contractors offering lower prices may not necessarily do sloppy work, low prices often come at the expense of quality. So, let price be a secondary factor and choose a contractor based on quality and good referrals.

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