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Asphalt Maintenance Tips For The Spring Season

The springtime can be a tricky time for your asphalt pavement. Pavement has to adapt to the changing weather conditions as the warm weather causes an expansion in elements under the asphalt. This expansion significantly increases the likelihood of damage as cracks can form on your pavement. Businesses and homeowners should get ready for the spring season by ensuring effective asphalt repair and maintenance.

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The spring season can have its toll on unprepared asphalt pavement. The following maintenance tips can help you cope with the challenges of the season.


First and foremost, take a good look at the pavement. The cold of the winter season leaves behind various problems, including the presence of excessive moisture. Also, look out for potholes and any of the damaged areas and repair them instantly. The preventive repairs will ensure that your pavement is not damaged any further during the spring season.


If during inspection you notice signs of wear and tear and discoloring, go for sealcoating immediately. Sealcoating gives your pavement a new look while protecting it from the ultraviolet sun rays and engine that drips from vehicles. The best-looking pavement is generally seal coated every two years; you should do the same if you want similar returns.

Professional Cleaning

The winter season also leaves dirt and small cracks on the pavement. The small cracks become host to dirt and debris of all types inside them. Ignoring the dirt and the cracks can cause the waste to seep inside and hurt your asphalt pavement base.

Get rid of the cracks and dirt, and debris by hiring professional cleaners; these cleaners will thoroughly inspect and clean the asphalt pavement. A good cleaning company is well-equipped and has all the right tools for an efficient cleaning job. Not only will a thorough cleanup give a fresh look to your pavement, but it also smoothens the surface and adds durability to it. 

Parking Lot Lines

Like other aspects, the line-markings of your parking lot also require maintenance. The pavement’s stripes usually deteriorate during the harsh winter season, giving your commercial property a rusty look. Repairing or changing the lines will give your clients the impression that you take good care of your property; hence you will also take good care of them.

With the spring season just around the corner, it is time for you to start taking your pavement maintenance seriously. Action Asphalt offers premier asphalt maintenance and repair services in Auburn, CA. Our skilled professionals can make your pavement look as good as brand new, helping you form a good impression over your clients or visitors.

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