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Asphalt-Rain Guide: How Rain Damages Asphalt Pavement

Roaming around Vacaville, CA you might come across many pavement that require immediate asphalt damage repair. The weather and the persistent rain are some of the main reasons for asphalt deterioration. However, the good news is that no form of asphalt damage escapes the eyes of the different forms of repair methods available.

Immediate crack repair is the talk of the hour. You may come across a cheeky remark from your friend and family underplaying the significance of asphalt maintenance. Avoid lending an ear to them. Click here to schedule an inspection of the asphalt pavement in Vacaville, CA from the experts at Action Asphalt.  

Since asphalt is vulnerable to rain, you need to know the science behind it. Here is a blog that educates you on the effect of rain damage on asphalt.

How Rain Affects Asphalt

All professional asphalt contractors advise property owners to pay heed to regular asphalt maintenance. Taking timely preventive action safeguards the pavement while saving you a considerable sum on the repair.

Know that consistent rain falling on an asphalt pavement can lead to the development of cracks and potholes. The rainwater wears down the unshielded layer of asphalt, exposing the supporting layer under the pavement. Plus, persistent rainfall and lack of an adequate drainage system becomes the reason of water puddles forming on the pavement.

Moreover, the bond between the aggregator and the binder is at risk of deterioration due to constant rainfall. A weak bond between the two will weaken the pavement, making it vulnerable to considerable damage. Here, the water eats into the foundation of the pavement and the sub-base is now exposed to surface damage.

On the other hand, the extensive damage caused by crack requires timely treatment. If left unattended, the cracks have the potential of growing large, resulting in even more damage. If you neglect the issue at hand, you might have alligator cracking to deal with very soon.

What’s the Cure?

We mere mortals cannot fight nature to protect the asphalt. However, what we can do is apply a seal coating to prevent the accumulation of water. Sealcoating is a liquid shield that protects your asphalt surfaces from different exogenous factors. Investing in seal coating reduces the damages from dropping automotive fluids, ultraviolet rays of the sun, and heavy rain.

Maintenance is another factor that helps in extending the life of your pavement. Get a professional asphalt maintenance team to look after your pavement to prevent cracks and others from rising.

You also need to prioritize the creation of a proper drainage facility. A design that facilitates water runoff will prevent water accumulation on the pavement. A little caution at the time of pavement construction can bolster the drainage of your space.

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