Concrete Installation & Repair​

Concrete Installation & Repair

Concrete work can be messy, but expert contractors don’t mind getting their hands dirty to make your commercial property look good! Action Asphalt is Northern California’s premier concrete paving company, offering a full range of Class-A paving and repair services under one roof.

Concrete Paving

With more than twenty years of paving experience, we can help you build new pavement assets and repair existing ones. Our services also include providing schedules and detailed maps of our work plan at least two weeks in advance to minimize disruptions to your operations and prevent delays.

Concrete Maintenance

Preventive concrete maintenance is essential to prolonging the service life of your pavement. Our maintenance solutions help you identify and repair signs of deterioration, such as cracking and chipping, due to ongoing wear and tear. We offer a complete range of concrete maintenance services, including crack fillingpatching, joint caulking, grinding, and sealing.

Concrete Repair (Remove & Replace)

The worst form of damage begins below the surface with moisture intrusion. This erodes the underlying substrate and soil, and by the time the deterioration becomes apparent, the pavement is past due for maintenance. Depending on the extent of the damage, we also perform concrete removal and replacement services.