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Ensuring ADA Compliance in Stockton, CA: A Business Perspective

Ensuring that your business meets all requirements for ADA compliance in Stockton, CA not only ensures that your business follows the laws established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) but also helps your business to be more accessible to all customers.

Ensuring ADA Compliance in Stockton, CA

There are a variety of ways that businesses can ensure that they are providing spaces and services that are accessible to all customers, regardless of their physical abilities. One of the most important areas that businesses can ensure ADA compliance in Stockton, CA is in their business’s parking lots.

Accessible Parking Spaces

Accessible parking spaces are one of the most important parts of ensuring ADA compliance in your business’s parking lot. Accessible parking makes it possible for those with special needs to access your business in a way that is safe and as easy as possible.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), accessible parking must be located on the shortest accessible route to your business’s entrance and must have access aisles that allow those who need mobility devices such as walkers or wheelchairs to easily enter and exit their vehicle. Access aisles must be marked to keep other drivers from parking in them, must be the full length of the parking space, and must be level with the parking space.

ADA-Compliant Parking Signs

Having safe and accessible parking spaces for customers with unique needs is important, but there are also laws outlining how those parking spaces are to be marked. All accessible parking spaces have to be identified by signs bearing the International Symbol of Accessibility. If a parking space is van-accessible, it must also include the words “van-accessible” in the signage.

Signs are required to be mounted in a way that ensures that the lowest edge of the sign is a minimum of five feet above the ground. This ensures that motorists and law enforcement can view the sign even when a car is parked in the space.

Proper Maintenance and ADA Compliance

Making sure that your business’s parking lot has parking spaces that are properly marked isn’t the only way that your business can ensure ADA compliance in Stockton, CA. It’s also important to keep your parking lot in good repair year-round. This means fixing potholes, cracks, uneven pavement, and other damage that could cause someone to trip and fall, or that could block an individual using a mobility device like a wheelchair or walker from safely and easily accessing your business.

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