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How Do Excavation Contractors Avoid Hitting Underground Utilities?

Ground excavation is done for various reasons, such as to repair a faulty underground utility line or install a new one. Since utility lines like gas pipes and sewer lines are often situated underground, they can get impacted if excavation work is performed carelessly. Of course, if you get it done by the experts like Action Asphalt in Roseville, CA, the chances of mishaps will be minimal.

As such, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions and measures before any excavation work to ensure existing utility lines are not harmed in the process.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some strategies used by excavation contractors to avoid damaging underground utilities.

Finding the location of utility lines

Before starting any excavation project, ensure you’ve equipped yourself with an underground utility locator. This tool will identify the utility line’s position and depth. Remember that utilities can move over time, so an underground utility locator is crucial even if you have a map highlighting the utilities in the area.

Evaluating the ground

If utilities get damaged during excavation work, it can lead to injury or death for workers. You can avoid this by checking the ground’s moisture and texture before starting the excavation process. A neutral environment is preferred to create a smooth pit because the ground becomes wet and slippery after rain.

Clearing the area

Since the worksite contains heavy equipment and machinery, it must be kept clear of people who live nearby to avoid the possibility of accidents. Engineers should also cover any open utility installations during excavation as it goes a long way in preventing damages.

Notifying utility owners or companies

Contact and inform the local utility companies or owners of the proposed work within customary or established response times. In this way, they can establish the location of utility lines before starting excavation, which is extremely important.

Calling the authorities

While you may have the proper equipment and are taking all necessary measures, it’s critical to have the authorities present on the worksite to avoid any accidents from occurring. So, don’t forget to call 811 before beginning the excavation work.

Proceeding with caution

There may be instances when utility companies or property owners don’t respond to a request to locate underground utility lines within the required timeframe or cannot determine their exact location. In this scenario, it’s advised that you proceed with caution and use the necessary tools to detect utility installations.

Communicating with other contractors

Many underground repairs could be taking place at the same time. If multiple utility lines are situated close by each other, communication with other contractors is necessary to ensure that the work is done correctly and without any accidents.

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