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How To Apply A Driveway Sealer: A Quick Guide

Driveway sealers help protect your concrete and asphalt surfaces from damages. However, when applying them, you need to ensure you do it right because incorrectly using the sealer can cause more harm than good.

As professional contractors, we’re well-versed with the challenges of sealing a driveway and the procedures one needs to follow. The experts at Action Asphalt have sealed numerous driveways over the years and offer their premium sealcoating and repair services at affordable rates.

Lucky for you, we have an easy step-by-step guide on how we apply driveway sealant! Let’s get started!

1) Preparation

Before sealing, you should clean your driveway. As professionals, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial this step is! You need to ensure that the concrete/asphalt has no contaminants because they will prevent proper adhesion of the sealant coating onto the pavement surface when it dries!

Our team places particular emphasis on cleaning the driveway and removing the dirt and debris before applying sealant. We know that sealing an unclean driveway is not effective in the long run. The preparation also involves removing all vegetation and cleaning any oil spills and stains.

2) Crack Repairs

The second step that we follow is to repair all cracks and ensure all cracks are patched before applying the sealant. Remember to clean the cracks thoroughly to prepare for the crack-filling process. You need to fill all cracks on the surface, including potholes, regardless of how large or small they are.

3) Apply the Sealer

Professionals apply the sealer either by hand or using a sprayer. Applying the sealer by hand allows for more precision, especially when it comes to getting into hard-to-reach places. We apply sealer using a brush, roller, or sponge-like applicator. Industry experts generally prefer one of the following three methods:

  • Apply by hand – applying in small sections using an even and steady coat
  • Use sprayers – this is most common for large projects. This technique works well because it allows professional contractors to cover more area quickly, which lowers their costs per square foot. Sprayers also work well when many objects are around, like fences or trees (since they have a limited range).
  • Roller application – this is used on short distances such as driveways less than 300 feet long.

Most homeowners call a professional to seal their driveway; however, we recommend applying the sealer with your hand if you prefer the DIY method.

Action Asphalt can help you with your pavement sealcoating needs in Roseville, CA. We also offer crack filling and asphalt maintenance services to maximize the returns you get from your paving investment. Get a free quote from our team now for a first-rate sealing job!