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Is Ada Compliance Just A Parking Lot Thing Or More?

There are a lot of talks these days about ADA compliance – particularly when it comes to parking lots. But is ADA compliance just a parking lot thing? Or is there more to it?

Action Asphalt will look at ADA compliance and what business owners need to do to ensure they’re compliant in this blog post. We’ll also discuss some of the common misconceptions about ADA compliance and dispel them once and for all.

What Is ADA Compliance?

Americans with Disabilities Act is a set of regulations to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. This includes making sure that people with disabilities can access all public buildings.

There are several aspects of ADA compliance that business owners need to be aware of, including:

Making Your Business Accessible

The first step in making your business ADA compliant is ensuring that it’s accessible to people with disabilities. This includes removing any barriers that might prevent someone with a disability from accessing your business.

Offering Equal Opportunity

The second step in ADA compliance is to ensure that you provide equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. This means that you’re not discriminating against anyone based on their disability and that you’re making reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities.

Providing Auxiliary Aids and Services

The third step in ADA compliance is providing auxiliary aids and services to people with disabilities. This can include sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, and large print materials.

Apart From Parking Lots, Which other Areas Should Be ADA Compliant?

There are many specific areas that businesses should focus on when ensuring ADA compliance. These include:

Streetscape Elements

One of the essential areas of ADA compliance is streetscape elements. This includes things like sidewalks, curb ramps, and street crossings.


Storefronts are another crucial area to focus on regarding ADA compliance. Businesses should ensure that their entrances and exits are accessible and their displays and merchandise.

Commercial Premises

ADA compliance is not just limited to businesses. Commercial premises, such as apartments and hotels, must comply with ADA regulations. This includes ensuring that all common areas are accessible and adequate accommodations for guests with disabilities are arranged.

Residential Complexes

ADA compliance is also crucial for residential complexes. This includes making sure that all common areas, such as lobbies and recreation rooms, are accessible to people with disabilities. It’s also essential to make sure that individual units are accessible, including the bathroom and kitchen.

Ending Note

ADA compliance is an integral part of making your business accessible to everyone who wants to come in and take a look around. That’s why Action Asphalt takes the time to make sure our asphalt paving company serving Roseville, CA, is up to code and compliant with all ADA regulations. If you need help getting your business up to code, get in touch with us – we’d be happy to provide you with a free estimate.