Line striping your parking lot is one sure-fire way to make a great first impression on your visitors the moment they pull up to your curb. Properly-striped parking lots with clearly-defined entry and exit points translate how seriously a business values their customers’ safety on their premises and communicates their care toward their overall driving experience!

As Northern California’s premier contractors, we have successfully striped over 3000+ commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. Our team has drastically improved customers’ and employees’ safety and has saved our clients from facing any litigation charges by ensuring them an ADA-compliant parking lot. We also provide line striping services to accommodate all kinds of vehicles that will be driving on your property!

Our line striping process entails using high-tech striping equipment to create vivid marks and lines, accurately painted to ensure easy maneuvering for your visitors. To guarantee durability and appeal, we use premium-grade striping paint that doesn’t succumb to California’s harsh weather conditions.

Fix uneven lines and faded stripes today by heading over to Action Asphalt! Our striping experts meticulously mark your commercial property with vibrant-colored entry/exit signs, navigational arrows, and parking lot stripes, which upgrade your property’s safety, appeal, and value by a thousandfold! Call us to re-stripe your faded lines and give your commercial space a long-overdue makeover today!