Central Valley

Sacramento and the surrounding Central Valley region is the heart of our service territory.

Having operated out of the Sacramento area for 20 years, we know just how much wear and tear asphalt and concrete surfaces experience throughout the region. No matter where in the Valley you are, the summertime heat bakes and breaks down paved surfaces. In the highly trafficked, fast-paced regions of Sacramento and Solano County, you have the additional stressor of car and foot traffic to contend with.

Action Asphalt is proud to provide asphalt and concrete installation and repair services to industrial, commercial, and multifamily developments throughout the region.

Central Valley counties that we serve include:

Amador, Calaveras, El Dorado, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Yolo

The projects below represent only a small sample of our recent work.

Courtyard Marriott


As one of the premier hotels in the Sacramento area, the management of the Courtyard Marriott understands the importance of curb appeal. They contacted Action Asphalt because the pavement was becoming dull, and cracking was becoming apparent. While the repairs were necessary, the hotel’s management were concerned that their guests might be inconvenienced and not have ready access to the hotel. To accommodate this, we performed our work in sections, ensuring guests had constant access to the hotel.

Hot crackfill was installed, followed by a fresh coat of seal to extend the life of the pavement. Additionally, the sealcoating and new striping gave their parking lot an impressive look from the street, upholding Courtyard Marriott’s reputation as one of the leading nationwide hotel chains.

Davis Food Co-op


In a town where big-box stores are largely spurned, and locals place a special value on home-grown produce,Davis Food Co-op is unsurprisingly one of the largest and busiest grocery stores in the city. It’s also the oldest, having provided consumers with healthy, natural grocery products for nearly 50 years. But that age and traffic had taken a toll on the store’s asphalt parking lot. Wanting to ensure that customers could continue to shop safely, Davis Food Co-op contacted Action Asphalt.

Our crews completely renovated the Co-op’s parking lot. We removed and replaced 760 square feet of asphalt, installed 1,800 square feet of asphalt overlay, and an additional 2,000 square feet of hot crackfill, before laying 32,000 square feet of sealcoat. Lastly, we restriped the entire parking lot, ensuring that the store’s patrons could easily navigate and park in the busy lot.

Western Wood Treating


The paved surfaces in and around any industrial facility face significant wear and tear from semi-trucks and other heavy transports, creating potentially hazardous conditions for workers and forklift drivers. Western Wood Treating, a producer of pressure-treated wood products, had seen its asphalt surfaces degrade over the years. Action Asphalt was chosen to remedy these issues.

Our crew removed and replaced more than 1,100 square feet of asphalt, laid more than 8,000 square feet of asphalt overlay, before applying 12,000 square feet of sealcoat. This extensive asphalt repair process ensured that Western Wood Treating employees and the many transport drivers who navigate through the facility will benefit from smooth, easy-to-navigate asphalt surfaces for many years to come.