East Bay

Providing asphalt and concrete services for over 20 years.

Not only do many areas of the East Bay experience incredible amounts of foot and vehicle traffic, the rainy winters and blazing hot summers take an incredible toll on already overtaxed asphalt and concrete surfaces. During the winter, rain penetrates aging asphalt and causes erosion and fracturing. During the summer, this damaged asphalt then experiences expansion and flexing. Add heavy traffic to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for maximum wear and tear.

Action Asphalt is proud to provide asphalt and concrete installation and repair services to industrial, commercial, and multifamily developments throughout much of the East Bay.

East Bay counties we serve include:

Alameda, Contra Costa, Napa, Solano

The projects below represent a select sample of our most recent work.

Napa Valley Care Center


Napa Valley Care Center is a short-term rehabilitation facility and nursing home located in Napa. This beautiful care facility serves elderly patients who typically stay anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Because this sizeable facility is home to such a vulnerable, medically fragile population, ensuring their safety and full accessibility throughout the Center’s grounds, was of paramount importance for the organization’s managers.

To meet these needs, the Action Asphalt crew removed and replaced 2,330 square feet of asphalt, and another 1,240 square feet of concrete. In addition, we made modifications to parking areas and walkways where necessary to ensure full ADA compliance.

Western Dental & Orthodontics


The Concord office of dental care chain Western Dental is one of the busiest dental care facilities in the East Bay. As with any other business, Western Dental had two major concerns that needed to be addressed: providing safe parking areas and walkways to their clients, and putting their best foot forward as a successful professional dental care facility in order to grow their client base.

Action Asphalt performed a number of pavement repair services for this client. First, their parking area and walkways were removed and replaced to meet ADA compliance requirements. We installed a new two-way handicap ramp with truncated dome, poured new walkways, and updated their signage. Once this was completed, we turned our attention to their cracked and weathered parking lot. An asphalt overlay was laid on top of a Petromat paving fabric. The parking lot was then restriped, giving Western Dental a lot that can keep up with the substantial traffic they receive every day.