We Are Action Asphalt

Asphalt Pavement Overlays

Now you can get more out of your asphalt than you thought possible with high-quality asphalt pavement overlays.

As pavement weathers and ages, roughness and small surface cracks start appearing across it’s surface. This occurs from natural wear-and-tear however the lifespan of your paved surface can be shortened significantly from a lack of maintenance. Once pavement starts eroding it isn’t long before moisture infiltrates the surface of the asphalt, causing it to weaken further.

Affordable, Long-lasting Protection

You might be tempted to demolish and repave from scratch, but with a fresh overlay you can extend the life of your pavement considerably. Asphalt overlays are the most effective and economical treatment for achieving long-lasting protection against the elements. 

How It Works

After addressing necessary repairs, Action Asphalt will install an additional layer of hot asphalt called an “overlay” which seals in the asphalt underneath. Once we determine the origins of the failure we will either use a Petromat interlayer with hot asphalt or fiber reinforced asphalt to lend additional strength.

New asphalt installations will generally involve site preparation, grading, base rock installation and asphalt paving. For the best pavement overlays please get in touch with us.