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Tennis & Multi-Game Court

Tennis court repair and resurfacing by Action Asphalt is a cost effective solution when your Multi-Game Court surface begins to show color fading and cracks. Since outdoor tennis courts are exposed to temperature extremes that cause expansion and contraction, surface cracking is inevitable almost without exception.

Why Resurface & Repair Your Multi-Game Court?

Quality design and construction may minimize or delay cracking but it cannot completely eliminate it from your court. Once cracks start forming, it may be too late to repair their cause, but it is not impossible to repair the cracks themselves. Since we design, repair and resurface tennis and Multi-Game Courts we have access to all the highest quality materials at unbeatable prices.

How The Process Works

Tennis court resurfacing costs will depend on the size of your court, whether it’s located indoors or outdoors, and how progressed the damage is. Give us a call and we’ll have your Multi-Game Court looking like brand new in no time!

After an assessment of the necessary repairs is completed, any cracks forming in the surface must be cleaned and filled with epoxy sealants that are manufactured specifically for this application. Then, a high-performance Deco acrylic latex color-coating is applied by our trained personnel. This step is what restores the surface of the court to a “like brand-new” appearance.