ADA Compliance

Western Dental – Concord – ADA Compliance and Asphalt Overlay

Western Dental in Concord, CA is one of the busiest dental car facilities in the area. They had a few different concerns that needed to be addressed on their property. The first had to do with ADA compliance. Their parking and path of travel areas needed to be removed and replaced to meet ADA standards. We installed a new two-way handicap ramp with truncated dome, poured new walkways, and updated their signage. Once completed, we set out on their second concern – their cracked and weathered parking lot. An asphalt overlay on top of a Petromat paving fabric was completed along with fresh striping, giving them a new parking lot that will keep up with the substantial traffic Western Dental receives every day.

Action Asphalt Apartment Complex Davis California

Apartment Complex ADA Compliant & Sealcoating – Davis, CA

Action Asphalt provided a variety of services for this apartment complex. We updated their handicap parking spaces first so that they would be fully ADA compliant. This included leveling the spaces themselves to the correct slope, as well as installing a new concrete handicap access ramp to the sidewalk. Once these items were complete we sealcoated and striped the entire parking lot giving the complex a first-class appearance.

Appartment Complex Sealcoating Folsom

Apartment Complex Sealcoating – Folsom, CA

This apartment complex needed sealcoating and striping in order to protect its pavement and appeal to new tenants. They were excited with the finished product and how quickly we were done. In addition, their handicap spaces were originally out of ADA compliance. We gave them peace of mind by making a few updates so that they would be in compliance.  

ada compliance action asphalt

Apartment Sealcoating, ADA Compliance – Vacaville California

This apartment complex was in dire need of pavement maintenance.  The asphalt was beginning to crack in certain areas and generally did not have a great appearance.  Additionally, their handicap stalls and access to sidewalks were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Action Asphalt was able to correct their ADA issues so that the parking lot would be compliant.  Once this was completed we used a special crackfill material for the numerous cracks that were beginning to develop in the asphalt, which will help deter water from entering these cracks and deteriorating the base underneath the asphalt pavement.  With a new sealcoating for further pavement protection and fresh striping throughout, the customer was very pleased with the renewed appearance of their parking lot.