Western Dental – Concord – ADA Compliance and Asphalt Overlay

Western Dental in Concord, CA is one of the busiest dental car facilities in the area. They had a few different concerns that needed to be addressed on their property. The first had to do with ADA compliance. Their parking and path of travel areas needed to be removed and replaced to meet ADA standards. We installed a new two-way handicap ramp with truncated dome, poured new walkways, and updated their signage. Once completed, we set out on their second concern – their cracked and weathered parking lot. An asphalt overlay on top of a Petromat paving fabric was completed along with fresh striping, giving them a new parking lot that will keep up with the substantial traffic Western Dental receives every day.

Action Asphalt Mobile Home Park Woodland California

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Overlay – Woodland, CA

For this mobile home park, we recommended a complete asphalt overlay, as there was some cracking throughout the roadways.  This would ensure that their roadways would stay resilient to the elements as well as giving the park a new and updated appearance.  With fresh striping and smooth roadways, the mobile homeowners and management company were excited and pleased with the investments they had made.

Action Asphalt Mobile Home Park Stockton California

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Repair – Stockton, CA

This mobile home park hadn’t had any asphalt maintenance in years and was in desperate need of asphalt repair. The asphalt was badly cracked and broken in many different areas, leading us to recommend that management remove these areas and replace them with new asphalt. After this was completed we overlaid the entire park with a 2” overlay of new asphalt to ensure that their pavement would last for many years to come.  

asphalt overlay action asphalt

Homeowners Association – Asphalt Overlay – Grass Valley

Quality asphalt pavement maintenance is very important to homeowners living in an HOA since these roads lead directly to their homes and reflects the value of their property. This particular HOA had not received any asphalt repairs in years and needed extensive work. We started by removing several “alligatored” areas where the asphalt had widespread cracking where the base rock had been compromised. We compacted the base rock, and then replaced these areas with new asphalt. We followed this with a complete asphalt overlay of the road, which will give the road strength for many years. The homeowners were all impressed with the attention to detail and customer service exhibited by our crew and staff, and most importantly they were excited that they could now drive on a smooth roadway leading to their homes.