Action Asphalt Retail Center Sealcoating Roseville California

Retail Center – Asphalt Repair – Roseville, CA

Action Asphalt was able to come in on the weekend and after hours to perform the repairs and maintenance necessary for this center, which greatly reduced the potential loss in business that retail centers may receive when their parking lots are closed. This center had many “alligatored” pavement areas where the asphalt was cracking and failed. We saw cut these cracked areas, removed the broken asphalt, and then replaced them with new asphalt. Once the repairs were complete, a new coat of sealcoating and fresh stripes were installed. The store owner’s were thrilled that we were able to complete the job so quickly, and that their restored pavement would draw more customers to their stores.

Asphalt Sealcoating Action Asphalt

Apartment Complex – Sealcoating – Citrus Heights

It is crucial for apartment complexes to have a well maintained parking lot to ensure the longevity of the pavement, attract new tenants, and show that the complex is dedicated to keeping the property and facilities upgraded and looking great. This apartment complex had not had any pavement maintenance in years. The management of the complex was trying to stand out as one of the premier properties in the area. We recommended to crackfill any needed areas, then sealcoat and stripe the parking lot. Once completed, the apartment complex’s management was very pleased with how stunning the parking lot looked and how greatly improved the overall appeal of the complex was to potential tenants.  

asphalt seal coating

Courtyard Marriott – Sealcoat & Crackfill – Sacramento

As one of the premier hotels in the Sacramento Area, the Courtyard Marriott must have an exceptional curb appeal in order to attract customers. As with any parking lot that experiences high traffic, their pavement was becoming dull in appearance and beginning to crack throughout. The management at Courtyard Marriot had one main concern that their customers not be too inconvenienced and still have access to the hotel. We made sure to accommodate this by performing our work in sections while providing constant access routes to the hotel for customers. We installed hot crackfill followed by a fresh coat of seal that will help to extend the life of their pavement. Additionally, the sealcoating and new striping gave their parking lot an impressive look from the street that will help to attract additional customers in the future and sustain Courtyard Marriott’s reputation as one of the leading hotel chains in the nation.

ada compliance action asphalt

Apartment Sealcoating, ADA Compliance – Vacaville California

This apartment complex was in dire need of pavement maintenance.  The asphalt was beginning to crack in certain areas and generally did not have a great appearance.  Additionally, their handicap stalls and access to sidewalks were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Action Asphalt was able to correct their ADA issues so that the parking lot would be compliant.  Once this was completed we used a special crackfill material for the numerous cracks that were beginning to develop in the asphalt, which will help deter water from entering these cracks and deteriorating the base underneath the asphalt pavement.  With a new sealcoating for further pavement protection and fresh striping throughout, the customer was very pleased with the renewed appearance of their parking lot.