As multi-family housing continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors for the real estate development market, serving apartment complexes will remain one of our largest priorities. Since our inception Action Asphalt has been effectively and efficiently completing asphalt and concrete projects at apartment communities. 

We understand that one of the keys to high occupancy rates in apartment complexes is the “curb appeal” – a potential tenant’s initial opinion of the property based on its external appearance. The parking lots, sidewalks, tennis courts, and other paved surfaces are a huge factor in this.  Our goal is to ensure your surfaces not only look remarkable now, but do so for years to come.

We stake our reputation on being dependable – starting and finishing projects on time. To apartment complex owners and managers, pavement maintenance and repair costs over time can be one of the largest expenses. We strive to give you the greatest return on your investment by developing a plan for you to maximize the dollars you have put aside for pavement maintenance. Then we give you the best products that last, use the most efficient techniques available, and all the while attempt do so at the least inconvenience to your tenants and traffic concerns.

For apartment communities we provide the following services:

  • Asphalt repair
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Tennis court repair
  • Ada compliance
  • Sealcoating
  • Concrete

Lincoln Manor Apartments – Woodland CA – Concrete Repair

Action Asphalt entered the concrete construction industry as an additional service to our customers over 10 years ago. Lincoln Manor Apartments, is one of those customers who not only trusts us with their asphalt maintenance needs, but their concrete ones as well. They came to us to repair a badly damaged concrete drive aisle in one of the parking areas at their property. We hammered out over 3,800 sq. ft. of concrete, poured new concrete, and re-striped the area. The new lot will serve the community and its tenants for many years.

Casa Del Prado HOA – Fairfield – Petromat Overlay

Casa Del Prado HOA is a condominium community in the heart of Fairfield, CA. As an older property that was developed decades ago, its road surfaces were in dire need of some TLC. Consistent block cracking throughout the pavement allowed us to put into place a plan that consisted of Petromat fabric interlayer laid on top of hot oil, followed by an inch and a half asphalt overlay. Prior to the overlay grinded the edges where the new asphalt overlay would interface with concrete gutter pans on the outer edges of the pavement. In addition, we provided inch and a half risers for all manhole and sewer/water covers on the property. Edge grinding and risers are key components to a quality project that give it the most finished look and greatest usability. These small details are what sets Action Asphalt apart from the rest.

Bella Vista Apartments – Elk Grove CA – Asphalt Removal and Replacement, Sealcoat

Located in a growing area of Elk Grove, CA, Bella Vista Apartments is a high end apartment complex that needed asphalt repair in many areas and a fresh sealcoat. We started by removing these damaged areas in the pavement surface and replacing them with new asphalt. Once completed and the asphalt had time to cure, we came back after a few months to crackfill, sealcoat, and stripe the entire property. The end product was not only stunning, but will extend the life of this property’s pavement for years to come.

Madrone at Empire Ranch HOA – Folsom CA – Crackfill, Sealcoat, Striping

For this mobile home park, we recommended a complete asphalt overlay, as there was some cracking throughout the roadways.  This would ensure that their roadways would stay resilient to the elements as well as giving the park a new and updated appearance.  With fresh striping and smooth roadways, the mobile homeowners and management company were excited and pleased with the investments they had made.

Action Asphalt Apartment Complex Davis California

Apartment Complex ADA Compliant & Sealcoating – Davis, CA

Action Asphalt provided a variety of services for this apartment complex. We updated their handicap parking spaces first so that they would be fully ADA compliant. This included leveling the spaces themselves to the correct slope, as well as installing a new concrete handicap access ramp to the sidewalk. Once these items were complete we sealcoated and striped the entire parking lot giving the complex a first-class appearance.

Appartment Complex Sealcoating Folsom

Apartment Complex Sealcoating – Folsom, CA

This apartment complex needed sealcoating and striping in order to protect its pavement and appeal to new tenants. They were excited with the finished product and how quickly we were done. In addition, their handicap spaces were originally out of ADA compliance. We gave them peace of mind by making a few updates so that they would be in compliance.  

Asphalt Sealcoating Action Asphalt

Apartment Complex – Sealcoating – Citrus Heights

It is crucial for apartment complexes to have a well maintained parking lot to ensure the longevity of the pavement, attract new tenants, and show that the complex is dedicated to keeping the property and facilities upgraded and looking great. This apartment complex had not had any pavement maintenance in years. The management of the complex was trying to stand out as one of the premier properties in the area. We recommended to crackfill any needed areas, then sealcoat and stripe the parking lot. Once completed, the apartment complex’s management was very pleased with how stunning the parking lot looked and how greatly improved the overall appeal of the complex was to potential tenants.  

ada compliance action asphalt

Apartment Sealcoating, ADA Compliance – Vacaville California

This apartment complex was in dire need of pavement maintenance.  The asphalt was beginning to crack in certain areas and generally did not have a great appearance.  Additionally, their handicap stalls and access to sidewalks were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Action Asphalt was able to correct their ADA issues so that the parking lot would be compliant.  Once this was completed we used a special crackfill material for the numerous cracks that were beginning to develop in the asphalt, which will help deter water from entering these cracks and deteriorating the base underneath the asphalt pavement.  With a new sealcoating for further pavement protection and fresh striping throughout, the customer was very pleased with the renewed appearance of their parking lot.