Homeowners Associations

It is well known that in homeowners associations the quality of the asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks can greatly influence the market value of each property. We also know that a well-maintained community that is appealing to the eye drives up satisfaction among community association members, retains residents, and also attracts new residents into the neighborhood. With a strategic pavement and concrete maintenance plan, Action Asphalt can greatly enhance the pavement surfaces within your HOA.

One main key to a successful asphalt paving, concrete repair, or sealcoating project within a homeowners association is communication. We make sure to coordinate traffic patterns well in advance through signage and detailed color mapping making your project as smooth and stress-free as possible. We are more than happy to meet with board members and management teams to address any questions and concerns well ahead of your scheduled project. Lastly, our crews are all courteous and polite – ensuring that on the day of your project if the residents have questions they can be answered expediently. We pride ourselves in making your next asphalt or concrete job as easy as possible!

Homeowners association solutions that we offer include:

  • Asphalt repair
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Tennis court repair
  • Sealcoating
  • Concrete
Action Asphalt Home Owners Association Rocklin California

Homeowners Association Pavement Sealcoating – Rocklin, CA

Action Asphalt realizes that homeowners associations need asphalt maintenance projects to be completed quickly and on schedule to minimize any inconvenience to the homeowners.  This HOA needed a fresh pavement sealcoating to help preserve the life of their existing asphalt pavement and enhance the looks of their association.  By sealing only one side of the roads one day and the other side the next day, we were able to keep all the homes accessible to their owners.  The association management and homeowners were both excited for the renewed appeal of the roadways and the quick turnaround of this pavement sealcoating project.

asphalt overlay action asphalt

Homeowners Association – Asphalt Overlay – Grass Valley

Quality asphalt pavement maintenance is very important to homeowners living in an HOA since these roads lead directly to their homes and reflects the value of their property. This particular HOA had not received any asphalt repairs in years and needed extensive work. We started by removing several “alligatored” areas where the asphalt had widespread cracking where the base rock had been compromised. We compacted the base rock, and then replaced these areas with new asphalt. We followed this with a complete asphalt overlay of the road, which will give the road strength for many years. The homeowners were all impressed with the attention to detail and customer service exhibited by our crew and staff, and most importantly they were excited that they could now drive on a smooth roadway leading to their homes.