Commercial and Industrial Centers

Commercial and industrial centers house countless successful businesses. It is imperative that a customer’s first impression of the business be a positive one, and in many cases the external appearance of your facility can play a huge role in influencing this initial opinion. Properly maintained and well-kept parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, and curbing can help make your facility more appealing.

Action Asphalt helps you to implement a maintenance program that will extend the life of your pavement surfaces. For over 16 years we have been helping facility managers improve the overall appearance and longevity of their parking lots. From the initial proposal to completion of your project we make it easy for you. We meet all budgets and deadlines. We develop plans and maps for your business tenants to coordinate traffic flow and time schedules. Overall, our goal is for your next project to be as stress-free as possible and by providing you with the best-finished product available you will want to use Action Asphalt for years to come.

Commercial and industrial paving solutions that we offer include:

  • Asphalt repair
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Sealcoating
  • Concrete
  • ADA Upgrades

Western Dental – Concord – ADA Compliance and Asphalt Overlay

Western Dental in Concord, CA is one of the busiest dental car facilities in the area. They had a few different concerns that needed to be addressed on their property. The first had to do with ADA compliance. Their parking and path of travel areas needed to be removed and replaced to meet ADA standards. We installed a new two-way handicap ramp with truncated dome, poured new walkways, and updated their signage. Once completed, we set out on their second concern – their cracked and weathered parking lot. An asphalt overlay on top of a Petromat paving fabric was completed along with fresh striping, giving them a new parking lot that will keep up with the substantial traffic Western Dental receives every day.

Western Wood Treating – Woodland – Asphalt Repair and Boni-Fiber Overlay

Western Wood Treating has a large industrial facility in Woodland, CA that specializes in pressure treatments and pre-stained wood products. Each and every day they have heavy truck and forklift traffic through the facility requiring pavement surfaces that are resilient and tough. These surfaces were aging and much repair was needed. We milled out many “alligatored” areas caused by fatigue failure to the asphalt surface and replaced them with new asphalt. We then recommended a Boni-Fiber reinforced asphalt overlay for greater strength and durability in their highest traffic area.

Action Asphalt Industrial Center Sealcoating Rancho Cordova California

Industrial/Commercial Center – Sealcoating – Rancho Cordova, CA

This particular commercial complex was looking to improve the appearance of their parking lot not only for their current tenants, but also in an attempt to appeal to new tenants. We suggested crackfill, sealcoat, and freshly striped parking spaces – not only to help with the look of their property, but also to lengthen the life of their asphalt pavement. The property owner and property manager, and especially the tenants, were thrilled that we were able to complete this job on the weekend so that they did not have to close their businesses during the week.