Mobile Home Parks

As a member of the Western Manufactured Housing Association for 18 years now and having completed hundreds of projects for mobile home parks we understand the unique needs of these park best. Working with mobile home owners can be a challenge, as there can be hundreds within a single park. From start to finish we go overboard in accommodating these individuals. Our goal is for these owners to have the most peace of mind through easy to read traffic directions, clean work areas, and friendly employees, among other things.

Mobile home park solutions that we offer include:

  • Asphalt repair
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Tennis court repair
  • Ada compliance
  • Sealcoating
  • Concrete
Action Asphalt Mobile Home Park Woodland California

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Overlay – Woodland, CA

For this mobile home park, we recommended a complete asphalt overlay, as there was some cracking throughout the roadways.  This would ensure that their roadways would stay resilient to the elements as well as giving the park a new and updated appearance.  With fresh striping and smooth roadways, the mobile homeowners and management company were excited and pleased with the investments they had made.

Action Asphalt Mobile Home Park Stockton California

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Repair – Stockton, CA

This mobile home park hadn’t had any asphalt maintenance in years and was in desperate need of asphalt repair. The asphalt was badly cracked and broken in many different areas, leading us to recommend that management remove these areas and replace them with new asphalt. After this was completed we overlaid the entire park with a 2” overlay of new asphalt to ensure that their pavement would last for many years to come.  

Sacramento Petromat Asphalt

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Repair – Sacramento

Over years of traffic and use the asphalt pavement had deteriorated throughout this mobile home park. Since the cracking was consistently spread over the roads of this park, the best route for them was a complete Petromat-reinforced asphalt overlay. The Petromat would help to stop the transfer of cracks to the new asphalt overlay, while the overlay itself would provide strength and longevity to the road for years to come. By grinding along the asphalt and concrete gutter interface, we allowed the new overlay to create a smooth and non-trip hazard transition. Once the project was completed, the park management and homeowners were excited with how smooth the roadway turned out and the attention that our crew put into finishing even the smallest details. The investment into this park not only increased its appearance, but also its overall value.

Vacaville Petromat Action Asphalt

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Repair – Vacaville

The asphalt pavement at the mobile home park was particularly in need of repair. We started by removing several very large broken and cracked areas referred to as “alligatored” areas. We then compacted the weakening base rock, and replaced the areas with new compacted asphalt. This was followed by a Petromat-reinforced asphalt overlay to provide additional longevity to the failing roadways in the park. Grinding along all the concrete interfaces allowed the transition from asphalt to concrete gutter to be very smooth. The park management and homeowners were very pleased with the finished product.