Retail Centers and Malls

The asphalt and concrete surfaces at retail centers and malls receive some of the highest traffic of any real estate.  Ensuring that these surfaces look good and last are a must when looking to complete your next project. A well-maintained center can not only attract new tenants, but also retain existing ones. Customers of these tenants are also naturally more attracted to a center that is appealing to the eye and maintains ada compliance. Regular maintenance is also crucial to the longevity of the pavement surfaces within these centers.

We make sure to be as flexible as possible to accommodate tenants and management so that the least number of people will be inconvenienced. We develop complete plans with detailed mapping of our where will be each day of your job so that you will be ready to go when your parking lot maintanence starts. We ensure that we will start and finish jobs on time so that you can get back to business as normal.

Retail center solutions that we offer include:

  • Asphalt repair
  • Asphalt overlays
  • Sealcoating
  • Concrete
  • ADA Upgrades
Action Asphalt Retail Center Parking Lot Carmichael California

Retail Center Parking Lot Resurfacing – Carmichael, CA

This retail center was in desperate need of a parking lot resurfacing as it's one of the busiest in the area and includes one of the most popular Starbucks in Sacramento. That being said, Action Asphalt was able to perform the work needed at night in sections as to allow these businesses to stay open and serve their customers. The parking lot required several areas to be repaired and new coat of seal to help protect the life of the current pavement as well as increasing its aesthetics with a rich, black color. This center’s pavement will last many more years with the resurfacing that we performed.

Action Asphalt Retail Center Sealcoating Roseville California

Retail Center – Asphalt Repair – Roseville, CA

Action Asphalt was able to come in on the weekend and after hours to perform the repairs and maintenance necessary for this center, which greatly reduced the potential loss in business that retail centers may receive when their parking lots are closed. This center had many “alligatored” pavement areas where the asphalt was cracking and failed. We saw cut these cracked areas, removed the broken asphalt, and then replaced them with new asphalt. Once the repairs were complete, a new coat of sealcoating and fresh stripes were installed. The store owner’s were thrilled that we were able to complete the job so quickly, and that their restored pavement would draw more customers to their stores.