Citrus Heights/Antelope/North Highlands

Action Asphalt is committed to providing modern pavement solutions to Citrus Heights, Antelope and North Highlands. Whichever city you live in, hiring the right asphalt paving and sealcoating contractor is an important decision to make. Also being one of the main asphalt companies in Citrus Heights, we help major retail centers, residential housing properties, and other commercial establishments alike make that decision with total confidence.

From our many years of experience, we know that each property has unique and distinct budgets and needs. We work to align the budgets, needs, and project management to best suit each client’s needs.

Over the many years of asphalt paving here and around Antelope and North Highlands, we have always maintained a presence here, though sometimes small.  We have done a lot of work around town. Whether it is our neighborhoods or malls, we have pretty much seen and sealed it all.

Along with sealcoating, pavement overlays and pavement repair are very important parts of maintaining the value and appearance of your property.

Our asphalt maintenance plan includes asphalt sealing, striping, annual crack sealing, and if needed asphalt patching. We highly recommend this process to our clients. At no time is there any sort of contract or customer captivity program. Try us out and if you like us, continue to use us.

Asphalt Sealcoating Action Asphalt

Apartment Complex – Sealcoating – Citrus Heights

It is crucial for apartment complexes to have a well maintained parking lot to ensure the longevity of the pavement, attract new tenants, and show that the complex is dedicated to keeping the property and facilities upgraded and looking great. This apartment complex had not had any pavement maintenance in years. The management of the complex was trying to stand out as one of the premier properties in the area. We recommended to crackfill any needed areas, then sealcoat and stripe the parking lot. Once completed, the apartment complex’s management was very pleased with how stunning the parking lot looked and how greatly improved the overall appeal of the complex was to potential tenants.  

tennis court striping action asphalt

Apartment Tennis Court Resurfacing – Citrus Heights

Apartment tennis courts generally receive a higher level of traffic than private courts. This court in particular had experienced many years of play with no maintenance whatsoever, as well as damage from a nearby tree. We had to remove a section of the tennis court and replace with new asphalt per the damage that was cause by these tree roots pushing up to create cracks in the playing surface. We then recommended filling the cracks with a tennis court epoxy and a triple coat of Deco sealer so their investment would be protected for the longest possible time. Once this and the regulation lines were completed, the tennis court looked brand new.