East Bay/Concord/Oakland

Whether you’re in Oakland, Concord or the East Bay, hiring the right asphalt paving and sealcoating contractor is an important decision to make. Also being one of the main asphalt companies in Oalkland, we help major retail centers, residential housing properties, and other commercial establishments alike make that decision with total confidence.

As the largest city in the East Bay and the third largest in the Bay Area. The city serves as a major transportation hub for the U.S. West Coast and its port is the largest in Northern California. Increased population has led to the growth of it’s large edge cities. Berkely, Hayward, Concord and Freemont area also hotspots for asphalt paving and repair. Action Asphalt is committed to helping all these areas with modern pavement improvements.

From our many years of experience, we know that each property has unique and distinct budgets and needs. We work to align the budgets, needs, and project management to best suit each client’s needs.

Over the many years of asphalt paving here and around the Bay Area, we have always maintained a presence here, though sometimes small.  We have done a lot of work around town. Whether it is retail and industrial establishments or residential one’s that need maintenance, we have pretty much seen and sealed it all.

Along with sealcoating, pavement overlays and pavement repair are very important parts of maintaining the value and appearance of your property.

Our asphalt maintenance plan includes asphalt sealing, striping, annual crack sealing, and if needed asphalt patching. We highly recommend this process to our clients. At no time is there any sort of contract or customer captivity program. Try us out and if you like us, continue to use us.

Western Dental – Concord – ADA Compliance and Asphalt Overlay

Western Dental in Concord, CA is one of the busiest dental car facilities in the area. They had a few different concerns that needed to be addressed on their property. The first had to do with ADA compliance. Their parking and path of travel areas needed to be removed and replaced to meet ADA standards. We installed a new two-way handicap ramp with truncated dome, poured new walkways, and updated their signage. Once completed, we set out on their second concern – their cracked and weathered parking lot. An asphalt overlay on top of a Petromat paving fabric was completed along with fresh striping, giving them a new parking lot that will keep up with the substantial traffic Western Dental receives every day.