Rancho Cordova/Carmichael

Rancho Cordova is the Sacramento area’s largest employment sub-center, attracting over 50,000 commuters. This means the city contains a high number of large commercial, industrial, and retail centers serving the surrounding areas. Many large corporations house their offices in these centers. These businesses come to centers in Rancho Cordova because they are well-maintained and project a positive image, making the business appealing to potential customers.

As a paving company in Rancho Cordova, Action Asphalt provides a range of solutions for these centers including asphalt repair, asphalt overlays, concrete repair, concrete installation, sealcoating, striping, ADA and handicap compliance upgrades, and many other related services. Please call us for a site evaluation and consultation of your facility. Action Asphalt is committed to providing modern pavement solutions to Rancho Cordova and outlaying Carmichael.

Whichever city you live in, hiring the right asphalt paving and sealcoating contractor is an extremely important decision to make. Also being one of the main asphalt companies in Rancho Cordova, we help major retail centers, residential housing properties, and other commercial establishments make that decision with confidence.

From our many years of experience, we know that each property has unique needs. We work hard to align the budgets, needs, and management of your project.

Over the many years of asphalt paving here and around the Carmichael area, we have always maintained a presence here, though sometimes small.  Whether it’s new developments or old ones, we have pretty much paved and sealed it all.

Along with sealcoating, pavement overlays and pavement repair are very important parts of maintaining the value and appearance of your property.

Our asphalt maintenance plan includes asphalt sealing, striping, annual crack sealing, and if needed asphalt patching. We highly recommend this process to our clients. At no time is there any sort of contract or customer captivity program. Try us out and if you like us, continue to use us.

Action Asphalt Retail Center Parking Lot Carmichael California

Retail Center Parking Lot Resurfacing – Carmichael, CA

This retail center was in desperate need of a parking lot resurfacing as it's one of the busiest in the area and includes one of the most popular Starbucks in Sacramento. That being said, Action Asphalt was able to perform the work needed at night in sections as to allow these businesses to stay open and serve their customers. The parking lot required several areas to be repaired and new coat of seal to help protect the life of the current pavement as well as increasing its aesthetics with a rich, black color. This center’s pavement will last many more years with the resurfacing that we performed.

Action Asphalt Industrial Center Sealcoating Rancho Cordova California

Industrial/Commercial Center – Sealcoating – Rancho Cordova, CA

This particular commercial complex was looking to improve the appearance of their parking lot not only for their current tenants, but also in an attempt to appeal to new tenants. We suggested crackfill, sealcoat, and freshly striped parking spaces – not only to help with the look of their property, but also to lengthen the life of their asphalt pavement. The property owner and property manager, and especially the tenants, were thrilled that we were able to complete this job on the weekend so that they did not have to close their businesses during the week.