As the largest city in Placer County, Roseville has numerous apartment complexes and home owner’s associations. Roseville might be a sprawling suburb in California, but it nearby relatives are likewise booming. Known as little more than cow-towns a decade ago, Lincoln and Rocklin have joined Roseville in becoming two of the more desirable areas to be a homeowner as well.

Action Asphalt is committed to helping all three of these cities keep up their momentum with modern, up-to-date asphalt paving and repair. With its fairly affluent population, Roseville has is considered a regional shopping destination and holds the second largest shopping mall in Northern California. We have served many of these retail centers, as well as the multi-family/apartment communities and homeowner’s associations throughout Roseville, Rocklin, and Lincoln with regular pavement maintenance.

Many businesses are also moving to Roseville to pull from their strong potential employee pool and newer commercial centers. These centers require regular maintenance to their facilities to retain and attract new businesses to the area. We focus on creating a plan for these centers to get the most out of their investment into their asphalt and concrete surfaces. Whether its through consistent sealcoating, asphalt and concrete repairs, or ADA upgrades we strive to give our customers a complete project that not only looks great, but lasts for years to come.

Whether you’re in Roseville, Rocklin or Lincoln, hiring the right asphalt paving and sealcoating contractor is an important decision to make. Also being one of the main asphalt companies in Roseville, we help major retail centers, residential housing developers, and other commercial establishments make that decision with confidence.

From our many years of experience, we know that each property has unique budgets and needs. We work with you to align the budgets, needs, and management of your project.

Over many years of asphalt paving here and around Rocklin and Granite Bay, we have always maintained a presence here, though sometimes small.  We have done a lot of work around town. Whether it is sealcoating local strip malls or repairing weathered apartment parking lots, we have pretty much paved and sealed it all.

Along with sealcoating, pavement overlays and pavement repair are very important parts of maintaining the value and appearance of your property.

Our asphalt maintenance plan includes asphalt sealing, striping, annual crack sealing, and if needed asphalt patching. We highly recommend this process to our clients. At no time is there any sort of contract or customer captivity program. Try us out and if you like us, continue to use us.

Action Asphalt Home Owners Association Rocklin California

Homeowners Association Pavement Sealcoating – Rocklin, CA

Action Asphalt realizes that homeowners associations need asphalt maintenance projects to be completed quickly and on schedule to minimize any inconvenience to the homeowners.  This HOA needed a fresh pavement sealcoating to help preserve the life of their existing asphalt pavement and enhance the looks of their association.  By sealing only one side of the roads one day and the other side the next day, we were able to keep all the homes accessible to their owners.  The association management and homeowners were both excited for the renewed appeal of the roadways and the quick turnaround of this pavement sealcoating project.

tennis court resurfacing

Tennis Court Resurfacing – Granite Bay

This tennis court project was performed for a private residential property. There were cracks throughout and the lines of play were extremely faded. Further, the playing surface was deteriorated to the point where there was very minimal action on the tennis ball. We filled the cracks with a special tennis court epoxy and applied a triple coat of deco sealer with extra sand for more improved play per the customer’s request, then finalized the project with regulation lines. The customer was very pleased they chose Action Asphalt to be their tennis court contractor, because the tennis court not only looked exquisite, but also had enhanced play.