As the capitol city and seat of government for California, Action Asphalt takes seriously the relationship and commitment we have to the businesses and institutions of the Sacramento area. As a construction service company we are “all-in” for urban growth and economic development in this great Californian urban center.

As the capitol of the country’s most populous state, Sacramento is expected to be well maintained and up kept. With a population around 2.5 million the pavement surfaces of the city receive a very high level of traffic. The condition of the roads and parking surfaces within the state are crucial crucial reflections of the state’s overall economy.

Whether you’re located in downtown Sac, West Sacramento or Arden-Arcade, hiring the right asphalt paving and sealcoating contractor is an important decision to make. Also being one of the main asphalt companies in Sacramento County, we help major retail centers, residential housing properties, and other commercial establishments alike make that decision with total confidence.

From our many years of experience, we know that each property has distinct concerns. We work to align the budgets, needs, and project management to best fit our clients.

Over the many years of asphalt paving here and around Northern California, we have always maintained a presence here, though sometimes small.  We have done a lot of work around town. Whether it is a hotel parking lot that needs repaving, cracked asphalt or unsightly pavement, we have pretty much seen and sealed it all.

Along with sealcoating, pavement overlays and pavement repair are very important parts of maintaining the value and appearance of your property. Our asphalt maintenance plan includes asphalt sealing, striping, annual crack sealing, and if needed asphalt patching. We highly recommend this process to our clients. At no time is there any sort of contract or customer captivity program. Try us out and if you like us, continue to use us.

Sacramento Petromat Asphalt

Mobile Home Park – Asphalt Repair – Sacramento

Over years of traffic and use the asphalt pavement had deteriorated throughout this mobile home park. Since the cracking was consistently spread over the roads of this park, the best route for them was a complete Petromat-reinforced asphalt overlay. The Petromat would help to stop the transfer of cracks to the new asphalt overlay, while the overlay itself would provide strength and longevity to the road for years to come. By grinding along the asphalt and concrete gutter interface, we allowed the new overlay to create a smooth and non-trip hazard transition. Once the project was completed, the park management and homeowners were excited with how smooth the roadway turned out and the attention that our crew put into finishing even the smallest details. The investment into this park not only increased its appearance, but also its overall value.

asphalt seal coating

Courtyard Marriott – Sealcoat & Crackfill – Sacramento

As one of the premier hotels in the Sacramento Area, the Courtyard Marriott must have an exceptional curb appeal in order to attract customers. As with any parking lot that experiences high traffic, their pavement was becoming dull in appearance and beginning to crack throughout. The management at Courtyard Marriot had one main concern that their customers not be too inconvenienced and still have access to the hotel. We made sure to accommodate this by performing our work in sections while providing constant access routes to the hotel for customers. We installed hot crackfill followed by a fresh coat of seal that will help to extend the life of their pavement. Additionally, the sealcoating and new striping gave their parking lot an impressive look from the street that will help to attract additional customers in the future and sustain Courtyard Marriott’s reputation as one of the leading hotel chains in the nation.