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Sealcoating 2021: Why NOW Is The Perfect Time To Hire A Contractor

Sealcoating is an indispensable part of asphalt maintenance, especially for commercial pavement like parking lots. It is necessary to sealcoat a parking lot every couple of years to preserve its beauty and sturdiness. 

While contractors perform emergency repairs like crack filling and pothole repairs during winters, it is best to sealcoat asphalt during the warmer months. That said, you should talk to your paving contractor as early as possible to schedule a spring or summer sealcoating. 

As the premier asphalt paving company in the Greater Stockton areaAction Asphalt provides high-quality sealcoating services for commercial properties in Stockton, Lodi, and the surrounding areas.

Since this service can only be done on the weekends, our clients hire us up to a year in advance. And we are quickly closing bookings as 2020 comes to a close. Click here to get a free sealcoating estimate.

Here are three reasons why you should plan your 2021 sealcoating project right away.

#1 Assessment

Before sealcoating, you should have your asphalt paving contractor thoroughly inspect the condition of your property. Property owners and facility managers should ideally inspect their pavement assets twice a year, in fall/early winter and spring.

A professional inspection is necessary to ensure the extent of damage on your asphalt surfaces, such as standing water, cracks, oxidation, fading line striping, etc. These issues have to be rectified before applying a sealcoat.

That’s why you should perform an assessment of your property ahead of a sealcoating project.

#2 Budget

Based on the findings of the pavement inspection, you should create an asphalt maintenance budget.

You have to allocate funds for urgent repair work (cracks, potholes, drainage issues, ADA compliance). And even if your pavement is new and free of damage, you should still budget for your sealcoating needs for the coming year.

The average cost of sealcoating a parking lot is $0.14 to $0.25 per square foot. These figures will help you to estimate your sealcoating expenses for 2021. Or you can click here to get an accurate quote for your parking lot.

#3 Availability

Finally, planning helps you find the best contractor for the job. Asphalt contractors aren’t usually performing new paving projects during winter, which is a good time to book their services for the coming months.

Once spring arrives, contractors have their hands full, and it is difficult (and more expensive) to find quality work during the peak season. That is why most asphalt companies schedule major paving and asphalt maintenance projects weeks and even months in advance.

Weather changes also play a part, and unexpected rains and floods do impact paving schedules.

For all these reasons, you should consult your contractor right away and create a strategy for your 2021 asphalt maintenance. If you are a property manager, it will benefit you to check out upcoming trends in pavement management as well.

And if you require sealcoating services in Stockton, Lodi, and the Greater Stockton area, get in touch with Action Asphalt today.