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What To Consider When Making Your Asphalt Budget For The Coming Year

With the current year coming to an end, it is now time for us to start preparing for 2021. Being ready to take on all challenges and tasks with a more proactive approach, we will fare better than we did in the past, including budgeting for all your initiatives, assets, and projects like your pavement.

Making a budget for your asphalt pavement is a crucial and necessary task that all property managers must undertake to meet their surface needs promptly.

It is imperative to do regular maintenance and swift repair if you want your pavement to have a long service life and retain optimum functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, raising a large sum of money (as is mostly required for asphalt projects) at short notice is not something that can be done, even if you do equivalent to completing Hercules’ labors. And delay is something you just cannot afford.

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Even if you have now decided to create a budget, how can you ensure it will meet all of your pavement’s needs in the coming year? The answer is you can’t be sure, but you can minimize the difference by making a few considerations.

What To Consider While Making Your Budget?
You need to consider four main things while making your budget to determine foreseeable problems and reach an accurate estimation of how much you will need.

• Determine the curb appeal of your existing pavement. If your asphalt pavement has turned to gray from black, then it is probably overdue for seal coating. Also, if your pavement markings are no longer visible, then consider getting line striping.

• Assess the damage to identify any cracks, potholes, or any other severe damage that may allow water penetration, leading to the base’s deterioration. If found, the damage should be repaired immediately to avoid more costly repairs or repaving.

• Use time as a factor to determine the need for specific projects. Consider the pavement age to determine if it might require resurfacing, although other factors like usage also play a role here. Also, bring out old receipts to see when was the last time you got a specific job done, like a seal coat. Generally, the blacktop needs to be seal coated every two to three years to protect it against damage.

• Try to find out if your foundation has been compromised. The biggest sign of this is alligator cracking. If there are alligator cracks on your pavements, then the damaged area needs to be removed, the foundation repaired, and a new pavement installed. Another sign is your pavement being riddled with large potholes.

What Should You Do Next?

The first thing you need to do is get an inspection done of your pavement to precisely determine your asset’s condition. Next, you need to get quotes from a few professional paving companies and compare to find a reasonable and reliable contractor to oversee all your future projects.

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