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5 Ideas For Incorporating Concrete Into Your Hardscape Projects

Concrete has the advantage of mimicking natural stone, crushed gravel, & even granite if stained right. One can pave entire driveways or use craft concrete for making custom decoration elements. But when it comes to concrete hardscape, the list is endless with what you can do with concrete.

You can create raised flower beds, succulent camps, even brutalist style furniture for a minimalist look. You could make a backyard skating rink with air-entrained concrete, a pond, even rudimentary but aesthetic flower pots from concrete. However, before we go all 5-min Craft on concrete, let’s see what Action Asphalt has in store for ideas!

1. Slabbed Walkways

If you are tired of a uniform green lawn, you can always opt for a zigzagged walkway, using prefab slabs with grass gaps or just slabs in a single file. You can apply the same layout to a stepping stones design traversing your backyard. The slabs are a neat forerunner to the main door or a backyard gazebo if you have one; otherwise, patio walkways suffice!

2. Concrete Garden Curbs

Gardens with clear-cut boundaries & fencing are still a tad too bare if you don’t curb them with the right concrete stain. Suppose you are pruning your garden this time of the year; it’s still balmy enough to pull some elbow grease on curbing your beds. You can use monolith or slanted curbs to edge your flower enclosures. As a homeowner, this not only hardens the appeal of your hardscape, but if you’re selling, prospects will line up for an aesthetic garden!

3. Pavers

Concrete pavers come in elaborate shapes & stains, mimicking a variety of natural stone textures, making them a much more feasible option with a service life right on cue for your next upgrade. You could do walkways, driveways, even a paver patio that your neighbors will think is sandstone!

4. Fire Pits

Here is one superb custom idea. We excavate a spot in your backyard pour in concrete to create a sunken ‘sofa’ with a pit in the middle, which you can replenish with hot coals for your chilly Roseville evenings. That’s a hardscape people pay top dollar for and yet never get the satisfaction of quality that we can deliver on at a much more affordable rate. Try us!

5. Decorative Patio & Deck

Decorative concrete is every hardscaping enthusiast’s dream, plus it makes for such ideal flooring. But you can apply that to a patio and intermix some concrete curbs with flowerbeds at the edges to complete the look. People think decks need to be wooden, but with lumber hitting sky-high, it’s about time we factored concrete into a raised deck.

Just one last thing, although concrete is a versatile hardscaping material, it requires a certain ratio for specific surfaces, so you should not attempt a DIY project that deals in the more ambitious concrete styles. You can instead enlist the services of Action Asphalt Paving & Maintenance to carry out your hardscape installation, just in time for the summer siestas!

For more details on concrete projects in Roseville, CA, get in touch with us, browse our services & secure a free quote!