Asphalt Millings Elk Grove, CA


If you have an asphalt surface and are in the Elk Grove, CA area, the importance of asphalt millings is one of the many ways you can service your asphalt to continue to benefit from having a durable asphalt surface. Asphalt milling is when you have a feeling that has repeatedly resurfaced and needs to remove the top layer to prevent the asphalt from getting too high and causing drainage issues.  One of the many benefits is we can repurpose the milled asphalt for other projects,  offering budget-friendly options from the recycled asphalt. The cost reduction from using the milled asphalt can be a massive saving for our customers; therefore, it’s choice to cut costs while maintaining quality.  The milling is resistant to weather and, over time, will continue to harden, offering you a durable surface that won’t need regular maintenance on other surfaces. Because of this, asphalt milling is a suitable option for customers who wish to remain budget-friendly but do not have to sacrifice quality.

We offer unmatched experience and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with a class A general engineering license #772113.  With over two decades of experience in the asphalt industry, our teams are trained to handle any job regardless of size or complexity. From competitive pricing to high-quality materials and advanced equipment, we aim to continue offering our customers the best asphalt services in Elk Grove, CA.  We gained a vast understanding of the importance of maintaining asphalt surfaces for the safety and integrity of our customer’s property and the many benefits of having a professionally installed and maintained asphalt surface offers. We offer a free quote at We aim to provide exemplary service to customers in Elk Grove, CA, and surrounding areas.