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Choosing The Right Asphalt For Your Project

When planning an asphalt paving project, there is a lot that property managers, owners, and city planners have to consider. Out of the innumerable decisions and matters that require their attention, one critical one is choosing the right asphalt mixture. The material you select quite literally forms the foundation of your surface.

Expert pavers and contractors know a lot about which mixture is best for your surface and is popular in your city or county. So if you want an idea about what materials are readily available in the market, along with information about their cost, durability, and work timeline, ask a reliable contractor.

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Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt, also known as EPA, is an eco-friendly material that creates permeable surfaces with tiny holes that allow for a more natural way of dealing with water. The water seeps through the surface holes to be absorbed into the ground to create underground freshwater reserves.

Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot mixes are the most commonly used asphalt materials worldwide and can create all types of surfaces. The mixture is heated and poured onto the prepared ground, once the asphalt reaches a temperature between 300°F to 350°F. After the mix is poured, it is compacted to create a smooth and durable surface.

Hot mix asphalt is applied mostly during summers and is perfect for warmer regions. It shouldn’t be applied during winters, since the material will cool down too quickly.

Essentially, there are three kinds of hot asphalt mixes, which are listed below.

Dense-graded Mix

The most widely used hot mix asphalt, the dense-graded mix, is impermeable, which means it allows the water to slide off the surface. Also, it is perfect for all types of traffic.

There are two forms of the dense-graded mix — fine-graded (also known as a surface mix) used for the top layer, and course-graded (also known as binder mix) used to create the foundational layer.

Stone Matrix Asphalt

Stone matrix asphalt is developed to offer great durability and endurance, and maximum rutting resistance, making it highly durable and long-lasting. This mix has higher asphalt content, fibers, and modified asphalt binders. Due to the high asphalt quantity, it is generally more expensive than other hot mix asphalt.

This mix has been in use since 1908s. It offers greater drivers’ safety by providing better friction, reduces reflective cracking, and minimizes tire noise.

Open-Graded Mix

This hot mix asphalt is different from the others due to its permeability characteristics. This mix consists of some grains of sand and crushed stones. There are two classifications of an open-graded mix:

  • Open-graded friction course – This provides a superior surface finish, much smoother than dense-graded mixes. It also has more air voids, with a minimum requirement of 15%. Although the production cost of this material is high, it has a low installation cost.
  • Asphalt treated permeable bases – It is used under dense-graded or stone mix to provide better drainage.

Warm Mix

Warm mix asphalt is the second most common material used in asphalt paving after hot mix asphalt. It is layered at a lower temperature than hot mixes, which allows it to release fewer greenhouse gases, and consume less fuel. Despite the lower temperature, it doesn’t cool down as quickly.

Cost-friendly, flexible, and slightly more environment friendly, this type of mix is perfect for all kinds of surfaces.

Cold Mix

Cold mix is commonly used in cold climates and winters to fill potholes. Its application is much quicker and hassle-free than other mixes, but it doesn’t provide the same endurance level.

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