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Creating Your Dream Outdoor Game Courts in Stockton, CA

Outdoor game courts in Stockton, CA, provide so many benefits to our local community Whether you’re a community center looking to expand your sports facilities, a school needing to renovate your playground, or a residential neighborhood wanting to build a park for families to gather and hang out, outdoor game courts are the ideal spot to partake in healthy physical activities and create fun memories.


How To Create Your Dream Outdoor Game Courts in Stockton, CA

There’s a lot to consider when building or remodeling an outdoor game court, from court types and sizes to custom details and amenities.


1. Choose Which Outdoor Game Courts You Want

What kind of sports, games, and outdoor activities do you want to offer? There are a multitude of outdoor game courts you could choose from to add to your campus or park, including:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis court
  • Pickleball 
  • Volleyball 
  • Badminton 
  • Skate park
  • Multipurpose courts 
  • And more

2. Pick the Court Size

How big do you need the outdoor game court to be, and how much land do you have to work with? This will determine the dimensions and size of your game court.

And don’t worry, you won’t be on your own deciding this. Our team can help you understand the dimensions we’re working with and go over what your court size options are during the design phase.


3. Customize Your Courts With Materials, Details, and Amenities 

Along with deciding what type of court you want and how big you want it to be, you can customize your outdoor game courts with colors, materials, equipment, and accessories. Will you be including amenities like restrooms, drinking water fountains, or vending machines?

Additional details can really make the court stand out, like landscaping with trees and plants, fencing, and adding areas for rest like benches, picnic tables, and shade. Concrete sidewalks and accessibility accommodations should be considered, as well.


4. Enlist the Experts To Build Your Outdoor Game Court

Don’t trust just anybody to build your outdoor game courts in Stockton, CA. Go with the experts at Action Asphalt Paving & Maintenance INC! We can pave the way for a new sports court or repair an existing one to make it like new again.

We’ve served the Stockton area for 20 years, so we know the community, the local zoning laws, and everything you need to build the sports courts of your dreams. Our team is professional and knowledgeable, and we can navigate you through the process from start to finish.

Ready to invest in outdoor game courts for your sports center, campus, or neighborhood? Get a free quote today from Action Asphalt Paving & Maintenance INC at 6245 32nd St., North Highlands, CA, or give us a call at 916-249-2126.