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Factors Determining Excavation Service Cost

Site excavation precedes any construction work, whether building a house, a swimming pool, a terrace, or a garage. It involves digging in the ground for clearing or leveling. The excavation also helps prepare the ground for further waterproofing of the foundations and set up a robust base for efficient pavement performance. 

Not only this but some projects, such as landscaping the garden or creating a sanitation system, may also include excavation work. However, excavating the land on your own is not as simple as it may seem. It sometimes requires massive machinery and tools to get the job done on time.

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Before you make up your mind, know that the cost of excavation service varies from project to project. Here are the top five factors that cause variation in excavation prices.

1. The Type Of Project

What makes you need to excavate the ground around your property? The nature of the work is the first factor that causes the price to vary.

Here are some examples of projects where soil will need to be excavated:

  • To dig a basement;
  • To carry out work around the foundation;
  • Install a drain;
  • Remove a layer of soil to clean or decontaminate the land;
  • Repair a concrete or uni-stone driveway that has cracks;
  • Dig a swimming pool.

2. The Required Equipment

No matter what your project type may be, excavation service requires different processes and equipment. Operating and maintenance cost of these machines is costly for companies; therefore, the excavation service charges may vary.

3. The Workload Involved

The price will also depend on the size and depth of the hole to be dug. For example, the hole will be much more in-depth for a swimming pool than for a French drain. So, the invoice of the service availed will be accordingly.

Once the materials are removed from the ground, they must be disposed of. The contractor will charge you a fee for disposing of the wastage. Therefore, you need to keep all of the operational costs in mind when hiring excavation contractors.

4. The (Geological) Nature Of The Soil

The nature of your soil can cause the price of excavation service to skyrocket. Rocky soils are much more challenging to excavate than black soil and require the use of a rock breaker to be mounted on the excavator.

5. The Location And Geographic Location Of The Site

If the terrain is difficult to access, some machines may not reach there, forcing the digger to find other solutions, which are certainly more expensive. The prices charged in urban areas are also higher than those in the outskirts.

The price may also vary depending on the region in which you live. The further away you are from the company, the more money you will have to pay to cover the company’s travel costs.

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