Grading & Excavation​

For more than two decades, Action Asphalt has been providing commercial grading and excavation services in Northern California. We prepare your site for construction, as well as perform drainage and utility installation. Our team is also well-versed with excavation and re-grading techniques for pavement repairs.

Preparing the ground is necessary to ensure the longevity of your pavement. If the foundation is weak or uneven, the surface will soon give way to all kinds of damage that not only diminish your investment but also ruin your property’s curb appeal. Overlooking these initial steps in a paving project can also lead to drainage issues. 

We are licensed, insured, and experienced asphalt and concrete contractors. This means you can count on us to thoroughly inspect, grade, and pave your pavement within the given time and budget. Our local experience also attunes us to the weather conditions and applicable construction laws in your area.

Working with us also means you don’t have to hire heavy machinery for excavation, as we maintain a fleet of digging and earthmoving equipment. Our team has experienced operators to handle all excavation tasks safely. Call us today or leave a message for site grading and excavation quotes.