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How Does Asphalt Paving, Sealcoating, & Crack Filling Boost Your Commercial Property’s Curb Appeal?

Your asphalt surface can play as important a role in boosting your curb appeal and property value as the exterior of your building or your lawn.

A dirt road, unpaved surface, or a depleted pavement all look very unappealing and end up giving your whole property an ill-maintained and unpolished look, which takes a toll on your commercial property’s curb appeal.

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Acquiring a commercial paving firm’s services can help save your property’s curb appeal by restoring your pavement to its full glory.

What can you do?

While money does not solve all problems, it will solve most of the issues associated with your asphalt pavement. Get your pavement inspected so experts can identify all of your pavement issues and recommend the best solution.

If your asphalt pavement is riddled with potholes, depressions, and alligator cracks, then you need to get asphalt repaving done. For smaller cracks, you can get crack sealing, crack filling, or resurfacing done depending on the extent of the damage.

If your asphalt surface receives regular maintenance and repair, it can last a good 25 years approximately without repaving. A resurfacing job can further add 10 to 15 years to your pavement’s service life.

Your pavement needs a seal coating job every two to three years, depending on the use. What a seal coat essentially does is protect your asphalt surface, so it retains its functionality, durability, and drive. Also, a seal coat gives an asphalt surface a fresh new look and color.

Why should you do it?

Protecting and fixing the pavement to keep it in top-notch condition helps a surface retain its appearance. A broken, faded (light grey), and uneven surface affects your commercial property’s curb appeal and can affect the impression and/or experience customers have.

However, timely repair and maintenance projects keep it looking as good as it did right after it was paved.

Apart from affecting your commercial property’s curb appeal, not giving your asphalt surface the care it requires can also cause other issues. Pavement damage like potholes can damage vehicles that are driving over them and can result in accidents.

Also, pedestrians can fall when the road is covered with snow, and people can’t see where they are walking. If a customer or their vehicle is damaged on your commercial property due to your negligence, then you will be held liable for it.

So if you want to avoid hefty settlements and want to stop your reputation from getting tarnished, don’t ignore your asphalt.

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