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How To Plan A Successful Asphalt Paving Project For Your Commercial Property

Asphalt paving is a good option for your commercial property in terms of curb appeal and safety. Ignoring the condition of the surface cannot only be dangerous, but also have a negative impact on your customers’/visitors’ first impression. All commercial properties including malls, hotel buildings, hospitals, movie theatres, or apartment complexes should have a well-maintained asphalt pavement to give a professional feel and to show care for the well-being of patrons.

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In this blog post, we will be looking at the stages of successfully planning an asphalt paving project for your commercial property.

Analysis and Preparation

The first critical element is to identify the need for asphalt paving and prepare accordingly. Any signs of cracks, potholes, or fading indicate a need for replacement. On the other hand, the property might be completely new with a rugged surface, thus requiring a first-time installation of asphalt. Being the owner of a commercial property, it would be a wise decision to opt for asphalt keeping in view its numerous benefits in the long run.

Hiring the right contractor

The success of your property’s asphalt paving project is inextricably linked to the skill-level of the workforce and the quality of the materials used. You must do your research by checking the contractor’s quality of work through social media, referrals, and testimonials to choose the best company for your property. Licensing, insurance, previous project successes are other important factors that should be taken into consideration when hiring a contractor. A professional contractor will also ensure that the project is completed in a fast manner to minimize downtime for your business.

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Effective communication between the contractor and client is important from the start of the project till the end. The contractor should be able to understand your requirements in order to produce the desired results. Un-clear communication or miscommunication increase the likelihood of substandard or incorrect results. Proper communication should ensure clear direction from the contractor, regular updates on project status, potential concerns or changes, and developing a course of action accordingly.


It is definitely worth it to hire professionals for asphalt work. Asphalt that is laid properly by experienced professionals may cost more but will give quality, long lasting results. On the other hand, poorly laid asphalt or low-quality material will not last long, deteriorate and require repairs within a short period of time. Thus, the initial, seemingly high investment will actually save you a lot of unnecessary costs in the future.

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