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Is It Possible To Pour Concrete Over Asphalt?

Concrete is a popular building material because it is solid and durable. But what happens if you want to use it over an existing surface, like asphalt? Can you pour concrete over asphalt? The paving experts at Action Asphalt answer this question and provide tips on doing it correctly.

The answer is: Yes, you can use concrete over asphalt to fill potholes, but now there is another question: Should you? Let’s first see how you can pour concrete over asphalt to cover potholes and prevent accidents from occurring.

How to Put Concrete over Asphalt to Cover Potholes

  1. You’ll need a trowel, broom, and water. 
  2. Clean the pothole and remove any debris from it.
  3. Pour a layer of concrete mix into the hole until half-filled.
  4. Use your trowel to smooth out and pack the concrete in place by tapping gently against its edges.
  5. Add water until the concrete mix is wet enough to be worked with a shovel.
  6. Finish filling the hole with concrete mix and use your broom to smooth it out.
  7. Wait for the concrete to dry before driving on it.

Does it Look Good When Concrete is Poured on Asphalt?

Now that you know how to do it, should you? Most people will say no because it doesn’t look good. However, if your driveway has large potholes or cracks, there’s nothing wrong with doing so if you don’t mind how that area will look.

Another reason you should not pour concrete over asphalt is that the two surfaces have different thermal expansion rates. When these rates are mismatched, it will cause the pavement to buckle and crack.

Why Not Just Go with Asphalt Crack Filler?

If your driveway is in bad shape, you might be wondering why not just go with asphalt crack filler? You probably should! Also, inspect your pavement every year to prevent further damage to your driveway.

Even though there are DIY solutions available, it’s better to let the professionals do it. Such tasks don’t just require an over-the-counter solution; they also need knowledge of how to use it and when.

How to Fill Cracks and Potholes in winter? What to Use?

Summer is the ideal time to fix cracks and potholes and sealcoat your pavement so it will stay strong in winter. But, if you have to do it in winter, don’t worry. There is a way that will work just as well, and it uses neither concrete nor asphalt crack filler. It’s called: infrared asphalt patching.

So, as mentioned above, you can use concrete to fill in potholes and cracks on asphalt. However, when better solutions are available, it’s advisable to avail them instead.

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