Outdoor Game Courts​

Whether it is tennis or pickleball, a stable surface is necessary to enjoy hard-court games. At Action Asphalt, we pave and repair tennis, basketball, pickleball, and other outdoor game courts. Our team performs exceptional resurfacing to the damaged sports courts as well.

As a leading asphalt paving company in Northern California, our team comprises specialist estimators, supervisors, and field crew who possess an in-depth understanding of various paving materials, techniques, and methods. That’s why our clients trust us to provide high-quality paving and repair jobs for sports facilities within the agreed upon time and budget.

With over twenty years of experience in California, our teams are well equipped to deliver a superior athletic experience at your country club, school, residential development, or municipal court. We never short-sell any paving solution and don’t sub-contract our services.

We are a licensed and bonded asphalt company and place a high premium on customer satisfaction. This is the guiding philosophy that has allowed us to maintain an excellent relationship with our clients. Call us today or leave us a message for asphalt paving and repair services.