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asphalt paving Sacramento, CA

We are your premier paving company in Roseville, CA serving clients in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Being in the industry for over 20 years, we have learned some techniques to be as efficient as possible, paying attention to the details and using only the highest quality materials. We take pride in using the newest equipment and technology. Our teams are knowledgeable in using the latest equipment and technology. So if you need asphalt paving and maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best Asphalt Maintenance Company in Sacramento, CA

Regular maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your asphalt surface. It is usual for asphalt to break down under heavy traffic and normal wear and tear, but it’s vital to keep your surface as needed to avoid expensive repairs. It is necessary to address issues to prevent more costly repairs.  Here at Action Asphalt, we can help correct any problems to keep your asphalt surface that bold black surface that keeps your curb appeal up and your property looking its best.

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We are a class A licensed general engineering contractor serving the Sacramento area with knowledge of the importance of routine maintenance on your property from asphalt installation, line striping, seal coating, and all other aspects of asphalt services.  We aim to provide our customers with a high standard of professionalism, regardless of the job’s size, complexity, or simplicity. As each of our customers is an integral part of our success, contact us today.