Pavement Markings Sacramento, CA

Line Striping Services

Pavement marking is a way to give drivers subtle directions, alert them to the presence of pedestrians, and alert them of road hazards, speed limits, and more.  Having professionally installed pavement markings offers better visual appeal and can increase your property’s value.  Having your pavement marked from the entrance to the exit and parking can improve your driving experience.  If you have a road, it is helpful for drivers to know when it is safe to pass other drivers, drive on the shoulder, and when the roadways are void of pedestrians, such as overpasses and highways.  Pavement markings go beyond your typical line striping, though it is the process of installing traffic regulations on the streets and roads. Our teams are knowledgeable in pavement marking with over two decades of experience providing superior customer service.


We exclusively use only the highest quality materials and advanced equipment to provide the consistency needed for pavement marking services in Sacramento, CA.  From the upkeep to ensuring every detail of your pavement marking is completed paying attention to detail, our crews have the experience and continue to utilize learned techniques to provide high-quality work that will last for years. Even when the lines begin to fade, we will remark your pavement so it remains visible and effective. As your go-to asphalt and paving company in the Sacramento area, we aim to offer competitive pricing, transparent communication, and a free quote to let our customers know what they are working with at Our customers are our most valuable asset, as they are the heart of our business; without them, Action Asphalt would not be where we are today.

We look forward to helping you with your pavement marking in Sacramento, CA, today.