Sealcoating Services in Sacramento County, California

sealcoating services

Even though asphalt is a sturdy, durable surface, it will begin to crack and form potholes if not regularly maintained. When property owners and managers need help maintaining their asphalt, they come to us for seal coating and crack sealing to get their asphalt back to like new condition, leaving the surfaces as good as new. If you’re looking for seal coating services near me, look only as far as Action Asphalt Paving and Maintenance today.

Best Sealcoating Contractors in Sacramento County, CA

Sealcoating is a process in which we coat the entire parking lot with a mix of fine-grained asphalt mixed with aggregate, proprietary ingredients, and water to create a material that seals the surface. The seal coating makes a smooth, visually appealing appearance, extending the life of the asphalt by sealing the surface and protecting it from what caused the original asphalt to break down. We have an experienced team of asphalt contractors that are well-trained in the asphalt services industry.

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We offer a premier seal coating company in Sacramento County, CA, and surrounding areas. Compromised of class A licensed general engineering contractors, we look forward to serving our customers in Sacramento County. With over two decades in the business, we work with the highest standards and best quality materials to complete jobs to customers’ satisfaction. We offer competitive pricing on every project, regardless of size.