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Site Prep Surprise! What We Mean When We Say Grading & Excavation

Any plot, lot, site, or patch of land deemed fit for habilitation has to undergo another rigorous transformation before any foundations or buildings are constructed over it. The contractors clear the site from bushes, low-vegetation, tree roots, or demolition debris to ensure the site provides apt adhesion to construction materials.

What We Do in Grading

Grading is done to level the land with reference from a stable benchmark. In instances, the soil is brought to level the land straight or to a slope. The work needs to be precise to allow for foundations to stand up perpendicular to the ground. This is one application. Grading is also done to direct surface runoff in sites planned for parking lots by allowing a slope on the subgrade that gets translated to the pavement overlay.

What We Do in Excavating

Excavation is carried out at sites to dig up root systems, remove obsolete or demolished foundations, and repair or install underground utilities. Sites are also excavated to install building foundations or develop underground structures & spaces (parking lots, basements, storage, etc.).

How We Factor Grading & Excavating into Site Prep

At Action Asphalt, we not only work with asphalt; we also prepare construction sites and underground utility installation. Much consideration goes into getting a site prepared.

  1. The site has to be surveyed to identify any existing underground utility so our excavators can maneuver about the zone.
  2. If the client demands a sub-zero level, then we are involved in testing the integrity of the soil to ensure it can support all the concrete.
  3. Drainage is the priority in preparing any site, as moist soils can corrode underground utilities and destabilize foundations.
  4. In pavement site prep, grading and compaction are essential stages that ensure the pavement will not suffer from failures like longitudinal, edge, and block cracks caused by faulty subgrade.
  5. We consider the intended elevation of a construction project then we establish the working perimeter and pavement culverts for vehicles and equipment to pass through. Only then do we grade sites after excavation to a sub-zero level.

Since we maintain our exclusive fleet of earthmoving equipment, you need not worry about us having to subcontract to more parties. We are autonomous in our services and host a panel of experienced team members. Californian soil is majority clay, mineral-laden, and well-drained, plus we have decades-long local experience with the soil in our successful projects all across Sacramento, CA; you can simply assign us the work and we execute it to a ‘T’. If you need a site graded or excavated, Action Asphalt will do that in every way you can expect a site preparation to go along professionally. Please do get in touch for a free estimate on our services, and don’t hesitate; your projects are in experienced hands!